Do I Need to Put a Towel Under a Water-Based Air Revitalizer? | What Can I Do to Keep My Water-Based From Moving?

You might need to put a towel under your water-based air purifier–but it’s not for the reason you might think! While water-based air purifiers do have water in them and that water can potentially spill, the real reason to put a towel under your water air revitalizer is to keep it from wandering around.

You might need a towel for your water based air cleaner, but it isn't for the reason you might think!

No, water-based air purifiers don’t get up and walk away when you’re not looking. Don’t worry, I’m not looking at the start of a new crummy apocalypse movie.

By “wander” I mean that these air purifiers can, and do, move around when they are operating. This is because of the way that they filter the air. Air revitalizers spin the water in their basin around in a circle and that causes just enough movement for them to start to move, especially if you have them on a surface that is not completely level.

One air purifier that I’ve been using for a while, the US JACLEAN air revitalizer, nearly fell off the table that I had it on when I were testing it out and left it going too long unattended. I had put a little too much of one of the scents that they provided in it as well (the “Ocean Mist” scent is my favorite, hands down), so, if it spilled, it would have been really hard to clean up and get rid of the smell.

So, what was the solution for that?

I put a little placemat beneath it.

The placemat made sure that it didn’t vibrate itself off a ledge and onto whatever was beneath it. But you don’t have to use a placemat if you don’t have one, even a rag towel, washcloth, or bandana (which I personally tested, I like bandanas), will work. Just a little fabric beneath the water-based air purifier kept it from running off on me.

Do Air Purifiers That Use Water as a Filter Spill Water?

So long as they don’t fall over, no. Water-based air purifiers do not spill or spray water when they are working. While you might have worried about that and put a towel under your air revitalizer for that reason, that’s not an issue. I’m so confident in that that I’ve put my water-based air purifier on the same bookshelf as my books.

The only water-related issue that could potentially arise from water-based revitalizers is that they do increase the humidity in your room slightly. That being said, that amount likely won’t be harmful for most people.

But, if your home has a high level of humidity already, then you probably should avoid water-based air cleaners altogether. While they don’t add too much water to the air, they add enough that I personally wouldn’t want to add to the issue. Instead, pick up an air purifier or, better yet, check out my post on the best affordable air purifier dehumidifier combo units so you can kill two birds with one stone.

How Do I Keep My Water-Based Air Purifier From Moving When it’s On?

Putting a towel, bandana, washcloth, and even a rubber band under your air revitalizer will keep it in place and ensure that it doesn’t move when it’s on. Wandering air revitalizers can be a huge issue, especially if there’s something under the air cleaner that can’t get wet.

Since water-based air purifiers are full of water and sometimes even essential oils and other scents, they can make a mess and ruin things if they spill. No one wants that, hence why I spent so much time figuring out some neat and easy things that I could do to keep my air purifier in its place.

After all, no one is putting their air revitalizer on the ground where it might get stepped on. We’re all putting it on a shelf, a nightstand, a table, a kitchen counter. We put them places that are above the ground.

So, if you’re worried and thinking, “What can I do to keep my water air revitalizer still”, there’s hope for you. You can do just about anything and it will help. You can use any of the things that I recommended above, or experiment on your own. I’m personally partial to the bandana under my US JACLEAN air revitalizer, but you might want to use something else.

But, before you test too many things out, I can say I did not have very much luck putting anything paper under the air revitalizer. Plates were also a no go because they got a little noisy. Since water-based air purifiers vibrate when they are on, the plate vibrated and, since it was on a hard surface, that was loud.

But rubber and fabric worked great for me!

Can I Glue My Water Air Revitalizer Down to Keep it Still?

No! Just about every water-based air purifier’s lower section is the water basin. That water basin needs to be emptied and refilled all the time and gluing it down would make that process just about impossible.

When I first turned on my water air purifier, a certain unnamed family member said I should glue it down to keep it still, but I quickly pointed out how that would make my life harder.

Instead of gluing the machine in place, it might be more effective to glue of some of those rubber cupboard circles that people have to help their cabinet doors shut quieter. While I didn’t take that route myself, it was in the running for potential fixes.

Do All Water-Based Air Revitalizers Move Around?

From personal experience and a bit of research, I can confidently say no. Not all air revitalizers move around, but a good amount of them do.

If you’re looking for a water air revitalizer that doesn’t move at all, then you’ll probably end up burning a ton of time scouring through some online store’s reviews just to be certain. There’s a ton of machines out there, so you’ll burn a lot of time. That being said, I’d say you should start with the machines with the best ratings, as those likely have the least issues.

US JACLEAN's Air Revitalizer might move a bit when it's on, but it's still my all time favorite water based air purifier.

But, if you aren’t concerned about an air revitalizer that wants to wiggle a bit (which you now know you can take care of by putting something beneath it), then I can’t recommend the US JACLEAN air revitalizer highly enough. I’ve loved it and am especially in love with the “Ocean Mist” scent that I previously mentioned.

You can check the current Amazon price of the US JACLEAN Air Revitalizer here.

I’ll be doing a more in-depth report on all the different water-based air purifiers on the market soon, so that will be a lot of fun. Until then, feel free to check out some of my other posts on water-based air revitalizers!

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