Can I Run a USB Air Purifier from a Laptop Computer | 1 Cool Tip About Desktop Personal Air Purifiers

You can use your laptop as a power source for a personal air purifier
You can use your laptop as a power source for a personal air purifier

Smaller air purifiers that run off of USB plugin can in fact be plugged into a laptop and used! These personal air purifiers can even be turned on when your laptop is unplugged and just running off battery power. In addition to being able to run from a laptop, air purifiers that just need to be plugged into a USB port can run off desktop computers as well.

How I Found Out That Laptop Computers Can Power Air Purifiers

The other day, I got to wondering if air purifiers could run off of my laptop’s power supply. One reason why I was thinking this was because my home office’s work station was too far away for the wire on my desktop air purifier to reach it.

I was in a bit of a pickle.

You Can Plug a Personal Air Purifier into Your Computer's USB port!

But then I remembered something painfully obvious, my air purifier ran off of a USB! Curious, I decided to give it a go and I tentatively plugged my air purifier’s cable into one of my laptop’s USB ports.

I clicked the air purifier on and…

It turned on.

I know I shouldn’t have been impressed, but I still was. I thought that was really cool and I hadn’t considered it. But that wasn’t the end of my pleasant surprise.

Personal Air Purifiers With USB Plugs Can Run Off Just Your Laptop’s Battery Power Too!

Despite learning something new, I decided to try something else out. I’m a curious person, so I had to run a quick experiment.

I unplugged my laptop to see if the air purifier could still run. I thought there was a chance it was just pulling some extra power from the laptop’s being plugged in.

Even on it's highest setting, this air purifier is working fine from just my laptop's power supply.

Sure enough, my little USB desktop air purifier kept on working, so I took my test a little further. I turned it onto it’s highest setting and let it run for a few minutes.

It still worked fine.

With that, I considered my testing complete. Air purifiers with USB plugs can most definitely run off of your computer’s USB ports and even your laptop’s meager battery supply.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS III M Mini Portable Air Purifier

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Can Any USB Plug-In Air Purifier Run Off of a Computer USB Port?

From my own experience and my own research, yes. Every air purifier that I’ve come across seems to have a small enough power draw that it can run from just being plugged into a USB port on your computer.

While the air purifier I used, the Three Musketeers mini air purifier, is a lot smaller than some of the desktop air purifiers that can run off a USB port, it seems even the larger ones should still work fine.

That being said, larger units (and even smaller ones) might pull more power than my air purifier and that could mean that your laptop’s battery will be drained faster. I haven’t really noticed a decrease in how long my laptop’s battery lasts when I have my air purifier plugged in, but that might not be the case for everyone.

Do I Have to Plug My USB Powered Personal Air Purifier into My Computer or Laptop?

No, not at all. Personal air purifiers with USB plugs can be run from a power adaptor that you just plug into a normal power outlet. I usually use one of my phone charger’s adaptors to plug in my air purifier when I have the opportunity. I do that because I don’t like my air purifier hogging one of my USB ports that I usually need all of when I’m working.

Something that I really like about the USB-powered person air purifiers is that they can even go in your car, provided you have either a USB adaptor or a USB port in your car to plug into. Personal air purifiers are super cool and I wrote another article on those, you can check that out here.

Frequently Asked Questions About USB Personal Air Purifiers

Can I Run a Personal Air Purifier Off a Battery Bank That I Use for My Phone?

Yes! I do that all the time. I personally like to plug my personal air purifier into a $45 power bank that I bought a few years ago because the battery just keeps going forever. There are lots of cheaper power banks out there, but I’ve become partial to the costlier ones because you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Is it Hard to Get Replacement Filters for My Personal Air Purifier?

It’s usually super easy to find replacement filters for any air purifier, provided you know where to look (which can be the hard part). If you’ve already looked for the replacement air filter on Amazon, then you might want to check out the manufacture’s website. Something that we usually find works best, however, is looking up your air purifier on Amazon, finding the exact listing that you bought, and then looking at the “Also Boughts” section. Most of the time, you’ll find the replacement filter to that exact air purifier there!

Are Personal Air Purifiers Worth it?

Yes, very much so. I was skeptical at first, especially when I was in the middle of a large room. But then I started my personal air purifier and all the weird college smells that I was smelling went away after a few minutes. With that, I was a believer in air purifiers for life!

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