Is the EnviroKlenz UV-C Air Purifier Worth the Cost?

I have been using my EnviroKlenz air purifier for about a month now, and let me just say here and now that it’s the best air purifier that I’ve ever seen or used. But, there’s one issue to consider, and that’s the cost.

Is the EnviroKlenz UVC air purifier worth the price tag? Having now used it for a while, I can confidently say yes. This air purifier is worth every cent. It’s one of the strongest air purification units out there that I’ve used, and it takes care of the three main issues that most homes need to have addressed: dust and particles, odors, and airborne germs.

Now, I’ve been conducting tests of my own on this air purifier, so I can attest to the fact that it cuts down on particles. Odors are a little harder to measure, but I can say that the air in the rooms that I put this air purifier in do smell a whole lot cleaner. Not only that, but they smell cleaner after just a few minutes, which is something I can’t say about most air purifiers.

Alas, I have not been able to test the germ-cleaning properties about this air purifier myself. I don’t have the equipment or the knowhow on how to do that. However, I will say that the fact that this EnviroKlenz air purifier uses not one but two UV-C lights shows that it’s capable of killing those germs we might be worried about.

I must however disclose that I received this air purifier for free in order to test it. And, since it was free, I was able to “splurge” and invest in a bunch of testing equipment. This is the first air purifier that I’ve used this equipment (mostly just monitors and sensors) on, so I hope you all enjoy my findings! 🙂

How Effective is the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier at Removing Dust and Particles from the Air?

The very first thing that I tested, and the thing I was most curious about, was the effect this air purifier had on particles in a large room. The large room that I utilized was a bonus room in my converted basement. That room is the largest one in my house, so it was the closest I could get to testing this air purifier in the 1000 square foot room that it was designed to work in.

Alas, the room I used it in is only about 640 square feet, so it’s not up to that 1000 square foot threshold. It’s close-ish though!

To save you all the time of going through everything that I’m about to say, here’s my findings on how effective the EnviroKlenz air purifier is at cleaning the air in rooms that it’s in:

The EnviroKlenz UV-C air purifier is the best air purifier I own when it comes to cleaning dust and particles out of the air of an entire room. While some air purifiers can get similar levels of air quality right beside them, every other air purifier I own falls short when you cross over to the other side of the room.

For instance, I have an air purifier that’s rated for 161 square feet. The air coming out of it is two times worse than that of my EnviroKlenz air purifier (according to my sensors). That’s not too good. Where the results diverge is when you step away from the machine. As you step away from it, the air, according to my sensors, mind you, gets worse and worse. The little air purifier can’t keep up in larger areas.

To put some numbers behind what I’m saying, here’s a table of the particle count for my EnviroKlenz air purifier that I have down in my basement:

Distance from Air PurifierParticle Count
0 Feet1 ug/m3
15 Feet1 ug/m3
30 Feet1 ug/m3

As you can see, the air quality doesn’t change between these three distances for the EnviroKlenz. That’s because of the strong fan in this air purifier. A lot of air purifiers on the market have weak little fans that might get the job done, but they don’t circulate the air as quickly or as effectively as the fan in the EnviroKlenz. The EnviroKlenz fan is super strong and puts out some wind. That wind does wonders at keeping the air in the room that it’s in as clean as possible.

And that’s the issue with the air purifier that I have for 161 square foot rooms–it’s fan isn’t strong. You can feel a faint bit of air movement, but it’s nowhere near the EnviroKlenz. In the name of being fair, however, I’m not testing this little air purifier in the room I have the EnviroKlenz in, I tested in in a much smaller room.

Here are the results of the test:

Distance From Air PurifierParticle Count
0 Feet2 ug/m3
5 Feet4 ug/m3
10 Feet4 ug/m3

As you can see, these results are terrible. In fact, when you’re 10 feet from this particular air purifier the air is almost as dirty as it is in the rest of my house! That little fan just can’t keep up. Sure, it’s still a little bit cleaner than the rest of the air in my home, but not by much.

Here’s a table with the data of the particle count for all the rooms in my home. These rooms are the ones that I don’t have air purifiers in and they are in no particular order.

5 ug/m36 ug/m3
8 ug/m35 ug/m3
9 ug/m38 ug/m3
4 ug/m37 ug/m3

On average, the air quality in my non-air purified rooms is 6.5 ug/m3. That’s not too bad. Sure, my EnviroKlenz can get that number down to just 1 ug/m3, but 6.5 isn’t terrible. It’s breathable, it doesn’t stink, it’s fine. Less particles is better, of course, but 6.5 ug/m3 is far below what the EPA recommends you shoot for.

According to the EPA, you should have your home’s air quality at or below 50 ug/m3. That’s insanely high. The highest level I even recorded in my home was 77 ug/m3, and that was in my garage where my family’s cat hangs out.

And yes, with numbers like that, it would be smart to put my air purifier out there. Problem is, I like this air purifier too much to do that. I want it inside with me!

The Ease of Use With the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Can’t Be Beat.

Here’s a shot of the EnviroKlenz air purifier before I put the filters and lights in it, as you can see, it’s pretty simple looking. It’s just a big old box with some filters and lights. It isn’t like some of those fancy air purifiers that have a million parts, three of which you can actually identify.

And that simplicity, in my opinion, is another thing that makes this air purifier so nice; it’s not going to overwhelm you as you try to figure out how to make it work. It’s straightforward. You have the four fan speeds and you have the ability to have the UV lights (the germ-killing part of the air purifier) turned on or off.

So many air purifiers have a dozen or so buttons and it seemed like it’d take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the air purifier right. The EnviroKlenz air purifier isn’t like that, which I like.

Something else that’s great about the EnviroKlenz air purifier is that you can sign up for a program with the manufacturer where they’ll send you replacement filters when you need them. The filters and lights need replaced from time to time, and it’s a lot easier to just have them come in the mail than to have to remember when you need to order new ones!

But the setup and replacing of filters is also crazy simple. Like, it’s incredibly easy. For the lights and top filter, all you have to do is pull them out and put in the new ones. The bottom filter is much the same, but there are little winged bolts that you’ll have to unscrew (you can do it by hand). That’s it. There aren’t any secret compartments, no magic switches, no reset buttons to hit. Seriously, this air purifier is as simple as they come.

And that simplicity doesn’t draw away from the effectiveness of the air purifier, as it often can do with other air purifiers.

How Loud is the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier?

The EnviroKlenz air purifier is slightly louder than other air purifiers that I’ve used, but that’s understandable since it’s made for larger rooms and its fan is so stinking strong. When it’s on low, it’s about as loud as a conversation you might have at home. When it’s on high, it’s about as loud as a dishwasher. Of course, that is only if you are right beside it.

I spent a while recording the average noise levels of this air purifier, and have made tables for the various distances. Please note that these numbers all come from a carpeted room, if you’re in a room with hardwood or tiles, the noise will likely carry a little further.

All the tests I ran were with a particle sensor set to PM 10, I’ll likely run tests at the PM 2.5 level in the future on this unit as well.

Noise Level at 0 Feet From the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

DistanceFan SettingNoise LevelAbout as Loud as:
0 Feet1 (Whisp-Air) 54 dBA conversation at home
0 Feet271 dBA quiet vacuum
0 Feet380 dBA dishwasher
0 Feet4 (Max)84 dBA dishwasher

As you can see, this air purifier is rather loud when you’re right up beside it. But, rest assured, it doesn’t seem that loud when you’re further away from it!

Noise Level at 5 Feet From the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

DistanceFan SettingNoise LevelAbout as Loud as:
5 Feet1 (Whisp-Air)36 dBA library
5 Feet243 dBA library
5 Feet352 dBA conversation at home
5 Feet4 (Max)55 dBA conversation at home

See how fast the noise level dropped? Just five feet away and the noise from this air purifier drops substantially. At just five feet, it’s a whole lot quieter and more bearable.

Noise Level at 10 Feet From the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

DistanceFan SettingNoise LevelAbout as Loud as:
10 Feet1 (Whisp-Air)32 dBAn empty room
10 Feet239 dBA library
10 Feet345 dBA library
10 Feet4 (Max)49 dBA conversation at home

Again, there’s a pretty solid noise drop, on the lower levels, it’d be easy to forget that you even had an air purifier going when you’re 10 feet away.

Noise Level at 20 Feet From the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

I ended up going 20 feet away for this one because the noise difference between 10 and 15 feet was negligible.

DistanceFan SettingNoise LevelAbout as Loud as:
20 Feet1 (Whisp-Air)30 dBAn empty room
20 Feet235 dBA library
20 Feet341 dBA library
20 Feet4 (Max)44 dBA library

When I’m 20 feet away, I actually forget that the air purifier is even running since it’s such a low level background noise. It’s really nice how easy it is to ignore it since it’s not at all loud at that distance.

My work area is in the basement and is at the 20 foot distance from this air purifier. I could run it on the max setting and not care, but I like to keep it between 1 and 2 because I don’t really need to run it on a higher setting. The air in the room, as you’ve previously seen, is amply clean. Odds are that anyone who uses this air purifier in their home will be able to have it run on these lower settings as well.


All told, this is my all-time favorite air purifier by far. It’s a bit louder than my other units, but not insanely so. It does an amazing job at cleaning the air, and I immediately noticed the improvement. And finally, its ability to reduce odors is top notch.

Why am I so sure about that?

Well, I had a mouse, rat, or some other kind of critter die in my walls. Anyone who has had that happen knows just how bad that can smell. It’s just about impossible to get rid of the stink as well.

But my EnviroKlenz air purifier actually managed to neutralize the stink.

I was skeptical at first, I thought the smell could have gone away on its own, since it had been around for a while before I put my EnviroKlenz down there. To prove that the air purifier actually did it, I turned the air purifier off and the smell came back with a vengeance within a few hours. I flipped the air purifier back on and the smell was gone within a few minutes.

For me, I think that’s amazing.

This really is my favorite air purifier, and I think that it’s worth the price. It really is the best air purifier out there, as far as I’m concerned.

If you’d like to buy this air purifier, you can get it here from the manufacturer. Be sure to sign up for the subscription, if you want to save some cash and not have to worry about the replacement schedule for its filters!

Jonathon Silva

Jonathan Silva is our longtime Air Purifier Essentials author. He has been writing on air purification technologies for his entire professional career.

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