How to Clean My Home’s Air

If you’ve been living on your own for any amount of time, then odds are that you’ve gotten home one day (maybe after a vacation) and realized how dirty the air in your home was. Maybe you could smell something in the air that you hadn’t noticed, maybe you saw all the dust in the air. Maybe someone commented on a weird smell that you had gotten used to.

Whatever it was that got you thinking about cleaning your home’s air, what matters is that you’re here now.

So, how do you clean the air in your home?

The cheapest way to clean the air in your home usually is to open a window and/or clean house. You can also purchase an air purifier, which exists solely to clean the air in your home. Of course, there are other ways to improve your home’s air quality, but those three are some of the best.

The EPA did a study, years back, and they found that the average American home had indoor air that was 2 to 5 times dirtier than the air outside. Translation? You’re not alone if your home’s air is a little dirtier than what you might want.

So, what steps can you take to clean the air in your home?

Open a window, for starters.

Sure, opening a window isn’t always the best option for you, but it’s a good one for a good amount of the year. It just might not work great for the winter or if there’s a dust storm or wildfire nearby.

Since the air outside is so much cleaner than the average indoor area, opening your windows will allow the Earth’s natural airflow to carry out all the dust and pollutants and replace them with clean air from the outdoors.

If you live in an urban area with a lot of smog and whatnot, opening a window could do more harm than good, however, so use your brain and decide if opening a window is your best bet.

Admittedly, I think it’s a great solution, but I prefer the next two solutions for improving your home’s air quality.

Clean up time!

You’d be surprised how much a good, deep cleaning can improve your home’s air quality. Just a good vacuuming can do wonders, dusting can also help. My all-time favorite house-cleaning bit, however, is actually shampooing your carpet. Those carpet cleaners can REALLY clean your carpets and cleaner carpets directly lead to cleaner air.


Well, your carpets are actually the largest air filter in your home! Sure, they aren’t an active air cleaner, like an air purifier is, but their passive approach is tried and true. That’s why you always have to vacuum and that’s why there’s always so much dust and dirt in your vacuum when you finish!

If you’ve never shampooed your own carpet, then there are dozens of videos on YouTube and whatnot that can teach you, but it’s pretty straightforward. If you’d like to pick up a shampooer that’ll last you years (and probably the rest of your life), then you can check out this one on Amazon today.

You can also hire professionals, and there are tons of local companies that have tons of experience cleaning carpets. Sure, they’ll cost a bit, but they could be cheaper and easier than buying a carpet cleaner of your own.

Finally, we’re about to go onto my favorite method for cleaning the air in your home. There’s a reason why I made this website about air purifiers and not carpet cleaners, after all!

Get an air purifier!

An air purifier’s sole purpose in life is to clean the air in your home. That’s all it does. Seriously.

And because that’s all it does, it’s really good at it.

Air purifiers are, in my opinion, at least, the best way to clean the air in your home directly. I will admit that they shouldn’t be the only thing that you do to keep your home’s air clean (I can’t permit laziness since it wouldn’t help you in the long run here). A good house cleaning regime is a big part of keeping your home’s air clean.

But a good air purifier is an amazing way to give your home’s air cleanliness an added boost that you’re sure to notice. I started this blog with just one air purifier that I loved. As I researched more, I bought more air purifiers. In time, I bought more and more. Now I’ve got an air purifier in every room that I spend time in. (Plus a dehumidifier in a room that my family grows microgreens in.)

There’s a ton to know about air purifiers, but let me just start you with the basics: if you’re getting an air purifier, don’t skimp. Doing so will just get you a bad air purifier that will make you lose trust in all air purifiers. A good air purifier will make you love them for life.

When you’re shopping for an air purifier, look for one with an activated carbon filter and a True HEPA filter. I like to get air purifiers that have pre-filters as well, since those increase the lifespan of your filters and save you money in the long run.

Now, if you’re ready to buy an air purifier, then here’s a list of my recommendations (and I actually own these):

And if you’ve got a room that’s around a thousand square feet, then I HIGHLY recommend this air purifier from EnviroKlenz, which I write about in this article: Is the EnviroKlenz UV-C Air Purifier Worth the Cost?

But WAIT There’s More…

Did those three ideas to clean your home’s air leave you wanting? Are you thinking that there must be other ways to clean the air in your home? Don’t worry, there are more ways! The three ideas I offered above are just the best ways to clean the air in your home, in my opinion. There are other ways, some are more expensive, some don’t work as well, there’s a lot of stuff.

But I’ll let you be the judge of what works and what doesn’t.

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