How Much Does it Cost to Get Air Purifiers for Every Room of My Whole House?

If you’ve bought a good air purifier, then odds are that you’re ready to buy your next one, or your next several units. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably begun wondering what it would cost to buy air purifiers for every room in your home. You might have even heard about “whole house air purifiers”.

Now, I haven’t really looked into whole-house air purifiers, but I know enough about them to know that they’re expensive, require professionals to install them, and that they don’t work in every home either. In fact, if you don’t have an HVAC system, then this isn’t even an option for you. On top of that, buying several smaller air purifiers can be a whole lot cheaper too!

But what is an option for everyone is buying air purifiers for every room in your home.

Stop! Before you think that buying a bunch of air purifiers will cost a ton, let me assure you it isn’t.

On average, the cost of buying air purifiers for every room in your home will cost about 650 dollars. The average whole-home air purifier system costs between 1000 and 2000 dollars, so buying individual air purifiers can be a huge cost savings for any homeowner.

Now, that is just the average according to the numbers that I’ve run, and you can do it for a lot more, or a lot less, depending on the level of air purification that you want. Additionally, you can always start small and just buy a couple of air purifiers, and not the half-dozen or so that you might need to take care of your whole home.

Personally, I recommend buying an air purifier for your home and for your home office and living room right off the bat. That’s just three air purifiers (or just two, if you don’t work from home).

Of course, it’d probably be for the best to get air purifiers for every room in your home, but starting small is always nice.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I got my numbers now, I know I would be. How did I figure that the average home could get by with only $650 in air purifiers when it costs so much more to get a whole-home air purifier. It just seems crazy that a bunch of machines could be less than one big one.

Well, you’re in luck, because that’s what the whole next section is all about. In it, I’ll provide my math and my air purifier recommendations (from air purifiers that I’ve actually bought).

How Do I Figure Out How Many Air Purifiers I Need in My Home?

Figuring out how many air purifiers you need is simple, just count how many rooms you have in your home. The average home in the US is about 2300 square feet, according to statista. Of that, the average home has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, and 1 dining room. All told, that’s 8 rooms that will need air purifiers.

8 air purifiers sounds like it might cost a ton, but it really doesn’t.

All we’re talking about is a cost of about 650 dollars.

Yes, I know 650 is a lot of dough, but it isn’t as much as a whole-home air purification system, and that’s something that’s really cool. On top of that, you don’t have to buy 8 air purifiers. Just buy what you think you need and come back later to pick up more if you want them!

Now, I think it’s high time for a breakdown of the numbers. Where did $650 come from, anyways?

How to Calculate the Approximate Cost of Getting Air Purifiers for Your Whole Home

It’s simple. Just take the different rooms and then take the price of air purifiers for each of those rooms. Here’s a calculation that you can use for your own home:

(# of bedrooms) x $50 + (# of bathrooms) x $25 + (Number of larger rooms) x $150 = (how much your air purifiers might cost you)

Put all those numbers together and you’ll get the rough cost of how much it will cost for you to get an air purifier in every room of your house. Of course, this is a simplistic calculation and overlooks the oversized rooms you might have, hallways, closets, and other such rooms, but it gives you a rough idea. On top of that, air purifier prices vary, and these numbers are just based off of the air purifiers I’m recommending today (with some wiggle room for inflation and shipping).

In fact, those numbers are actually a lot higher than what I paid for these air purifiers, all told, this setup would have cost me 500 dollars. So be sure to check out my recommendations on Amazon because they’re probably going to cost you less than the equations prices! 🙂

Anyhows, here are the three air purifiers that I recommend and the reasoning behind my choices. Once I finish up telling you why I like them and giving you links to pick them up, I’m going to give you examples of how much it will cost for several different homes to get air purifiers in every room and answer some other air purifier questions.

If you’d like to look up more of the numbers behind air purifier ownership, then you can check out this article here!

Air Purifier Recommendations (From Someone Who Actually Bought Them!)

Before I dive in, let me just say that all these “Best Air Purifiers” are just the best at their price point (lower cost ones). The “best” air purifiers I’ve tested and read up on are all usually a whole lot more money. But, these get the job done as well. They don’t do the job perfectly, but they do a solid job and I really like them–especially for their price!

Best Air Purifier for Bedrooms

The air purifier I recommend for bedrooms is made by Levoit, and I’ve really enjoyed my unit. I picked it up for under 50 dollars, but, as I said above, I gave everyone some wiggle room for prices.

This air purifier is made for bedrooms, and it even has a “Seep” mode that’s super quiet and easy to sleep with. On top of that, it doesn’t have the super bright lights that other air purifiers have that’ll keep you up at night.

If you’d like to pick up this air purifier for your bedrooms, then you can check it out on Amazon here.

Best Air Purifier for Bathrooms

The next air purifier is a super cheap one, and it’s made for small rooms. I’ve found that it works great for bathrooms. This air purifier has activated carbon in its filter, which means that it’s great at capturing odors. It also has a strong fan, which means that it’ll circulate the air in your bathroom pretty fast.

Of course, it is not the best air purifier on the market, but I think it does a great job for its super low price point! As with the last air purifier, it cost me well under 25 dollars when I bought it, but you can check its latest Amazon price here.

This air purifier also works for bedrooms, but its blue light is a bit bright for my taste, so it’s been relegated to bathroom duty and has been replaced by the Levoit unit.

Best Air Purifier for Larger Rooms

Finally, here’s the air purifier that I recommend for rooms that are larger, like kitchens, living rooms, and other bigger rooms like those. I don’t have a picture of this one (I know, I’m a slacker), but I’ve really enjoyed it. (I bought one as a gift for my brother-in-law who had severe allergies, and he’s really enjoyed it too!)

This air purifier is rated for rooms that are up to 500 square feet, so that takes care of most of the largest rooms in most American households. Full disclosure, I’ve used it in an area that’s more like 700 square feet (three adjoining rooms) and have still been able to notice a huge increase in air quality. The big reason why you might not want to do this is if the highest possible air quality is a concern. If you aren’t too worried about having the best possible air quality, then you can always cheat like I am!

Anyhows, I picked this air purifier up for less than 150, and you’ll probably find that its price hasn’t changed much. YOu can check its current price on Amazon here.

Examples of Various House Plans and the Approximate Cost of Buying Air Purifiers for Every Room

Alright, so this section is going to be huge, but I don’t want to clutter up this article with all the diagrams and whatnot. As such, I will be providing just one example here. If you would like to see all of the examples that I made, then you can check out the other article that I made for it here.

For those of you who aren’t interested in seeing a bunch of examples, then you can either skip to the next section “Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Closet” or you can check out this single example. Your choice.

Now, here’s a floorplan that I sketched up (on Paint, because I’m so artistic. Hahaha). This is a rough representation of the floorplan of a home you might find in the US.

As you can see in this floorplan, there are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and a kitchen. There’s a hallway too, and you can put an air purifier in a hallway if you so please, but I’m not going to address that today.

Now, here’s a quick rundown on how much it would cost to get air purifiers in every room of a house with this particular floorplan.

4 Bedrooms x $50 = $200

2 Bathrooms x $25 = $50

3 Larger Rooms x $150 = $450

All told, it would cost about $700 to get air purifiers for all the rooms in this house.

Of course, in this example, the living, dining, and kitchen could all be adjoining rooms, which can change our equation. How would it change things? Well, it all depends on how many square feet we’re talking about and if you want to buy just one air purifier instead of three. Buying just one could be cheaper than buying three, so it’s worth checking out.

If you’re buying an air purifier for adjoining rooms, then keep track of the size of room that the air purifier is rated for, and try to match it as closely as possible to the size of room that you’re putting it in. Once you get it, be sure to have it as centrally located as possible as well.

I have a whole article that addresses room size and air purifier placement, which you can check out here, if you’d like.

Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Closet?

If you’re thinking about getting air purifiers for every room in your home in order to have the cleanest possible air, then odds are that you’ve considered the possibility of putting an air purifier in your closet. If not, then I just put the idea in your head.

Before we go any further, let me assure you that it is not necessary to put an air purifier in your closet. You can, of course, but let me ask you one thing, who is going to be breathing that air?

Sure, you might want your clothes to smell cleaner, especially if your closet has a funky smell, but an air purifier might not be the best choice for that. Instead, get an activated carbon bag that you can store there. And if you’re worried about moisture, then there are sweet moisture absorbers that you can put in your closet as well!

Here’s an Amazon link to an activated carbon bag, which will absorb odors, and here’s a link to the Amazon listing for a moisture absorber that might be of interest to you.

But if you do want to put an air purifier in your closet, then be sure to have plenty of room for it to pull air in and to push clean air out. I think the air purifier I recommended for bathrooms could do well in a closet, so that could be a good place to start your search! Scroll back up a smidge and you’ll find a link to it.

Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Garage?

Much like your closet, getting an air purifier for your garage isn’t required. Why? Well, answer me this, how much time do you spend out there?

Most people don’t spend a lot of time in their garage, unless of course if they’re car people.

As such, you wouldn’t be able to reap the benefits of the clean air out there, since you’re not doing a whole lot of breathing out there. Instead, maybe you should buy an air purifier for your office space, your business, your classroom, or even your car.

And, if air quality is a concern of yours, then maybe you should check out something called radon instead of getting an air purifier for your garage as well. If you’d like to read up on radon and what it means for you and your home, then you can check out one of the following articles:

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