Where Can I Find a Low Cost Air Purifier? Basic Tricks

Where Can I Find a Low Cost Air Purifier? [Especially A Cheap Air Purifier Worth Buying]  

Find a Low Cost Air Purifier

You may be interested in an air purifier, but you find yourself hung up on their price. Rest assured, there are cheaper options out there, which still work wonders.

There are several places where you can find low cost air purifiers across the internet. Your best options for finding deals are by locating the manufacturers of air purifiers and buying through them or finding auctions.

We will guide you through your various options in buying an economical air purifier, the pros and cons of each method, and finally, some advice on buying used air purifiers. We hope this information will guide you into making the best choice for you and your family.

What Is Your Reason To Purchase An Air Purifier? Health? Asthma? Allergies? 

Many of us have learned that we really want an air purifier in our homes. Some of us want them for health reasons, like asthma and allergies, while others of us want an air purifier just to ensure our well being. Some of us find ourselves alarmed at the price of these units and then swear off the dream of owning one, despite the countless benefits. However, there are cheaper options out there! The majority of air purifiers are expensive, but with some research, you can find yourself a great deal.

Many of us will do this research online, which is in many ways, a great choice. You can quickly pull up affordable options, and then decide from there which air purifier you are the most interested in. We strongly recommend browsing online, since this will save you a lot of time. All from the comfort of home, you can scour all the earth has to offer, without wasting all of your gas.

Cheap Purifiers Can Be Found Online, Auctions And Manufacturer 

We find that often times, the cheapest options for air purifiers online come through three main channels, which we would lean toward using. These are auctions, online retail, and manufacturer. We strongly recommend checking out these three options before settling on just one site.


Used air purifiers can be a lot cheaper than brand new ones, but there is some risk attached by buying used. First off, you don’t know exactly what you are getting, and you are at the mercy of an online seller you do not know. However, many online sellers nowadays are kept in check with online reviews, which keeps them in check but practice extreme caution. In addition to the risk involved, you usually do not get the benefit of warranties, and you may not receive all of the paperwork on the air purifier you buy, which will be a headache.


For those of us who still enjoy getting out and seeing the world, you may want to visit a local retail store. Some retail stores will have great sales going on for air purifiers, which can beat any deal you may find online. As many retail stores are going out of business, you may be lucky enough to find a closing sale with some phenomenal deals, on more than just air purifiers!

We like to choose a hybrid approach, where we look into all three options. Often times, the effort of looking online for new and used units and also going in store to find special deals can really pay off. We also recommend looking up the store’s website that you visit, as they may have some coupons that you can use to save! Where Can I Find a Low Cost Air Purifier?

Check Out The Air Purifier Quality

There is a reason why people sometimes steer away from “cheap” options out there, and that is the quality of the product. We strongly recommend looking into the quality of the air purifier you are looking at before buying it. If you are not careful, you can end up with a cheap knockoff or a fly by night operation which will leave you high and dry later on. Always look up customer reviews before making a purchase, especially if it smells fishy.


We highly recommend checking out customer reviews, and even consumer reports whenever you make a purchase on something you don’t know inside and out. We made an article on the importance of checking out customer reviews and consumer reports because of how important they truly are. Check it out if you would like more details on the importance of learning from people who are knowledgeable on the air purifier you are looking to buy.

Don’t throw money at an inexpensive air purifier just because it doesn’t cost a lot. Buy one because you know you’ve discovered a great deal! Shop around, ask around, and browse to your heart’s content before you make your final decision.


We recommend finding an air purifier that (almost most importantly) has good reviews! We recommend sticking within a 4 to 5-star range, as this means that most people loved their new air purifiers. Most importantly, affordable air purifiers do not always work so the reviews on the machine will be your indicator. Yes, you can stray away from our recommended range, especially for units that have limited reviews, but we find our range eliminates many issues that may arise.

Look at what size of room each air purifier is rated for. You don’t want to stick an air purifier which is rated for a small space in a large room. Conversely, there is no reason to buy an air purifier made for an entire warehouse if you are just going to put it into your bedroom. Make sure that you get one that is the right size! See what we have to say on what size of air purifier you’ll need

Finally, ensure you get an air purifier that suits your needs! There are several types of air purifiers out there, and not all of them do the same job. Depending on your needs, you should spend a little bit more, and ensure your air purifier can solve your problem! There are air purifiers for mold, allergens, germs, and smoke, and there are air purifiers that have built-in humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ozone generators.


The best air purifiers you can get will have a HEPA filter. It may be difficult to find an air purifier that is both cheap, and has a HEPA filter, but they are out there. However, cheap HEPA air purifiers will likely lack a pre-filter, which means you’ll end up changing filters more often than you may be able to afford. 

If you would like to avoid the costly filter replacements, there is an alternative out there that doesn’t get the credit it ought to. Water-based air purifiers are amazing at cleaning the air, using water as their filter, and they are very affordable. Their filter “replacement” is a new basin full of water you can get out of your sink. 

Water-based air purifiers are great at reducing the amount of dust in a room, and they do so for a lot cheaper than other air purifiers. This is the reason why we love these machines so much. They make a noticeable difference, and they do it for a fraction of the price of other traditional air purifiers. See our article “Do Air Purifiers Reduce Dust” for more information on dust management. 

If you would like to learn more about these machines, check out our article “What is a Water-Based Air Purifier?”. This article will tell you all about what a water-based air purifier is. If you are curious as to what these water-based air purifiers do, we have an article on that for you as well!


Air cleaners are very important in many people’s homes today, as pollution, and breathing issues are both on the rise. Most everyone knows someone who has asthma, and seemingly everyone has allergies. Air purifiers help reduce all of the pollution and allergens in the air which trigger asthma attacks and irritate those of us with allergies.

Maybe you are just worried about finding out if air purifiers are even worth buying. Or, you’ve discovered that they are worth the investment, and you don’t have much money to spare. Either way, you may be interested in hearing our case for purchasing an air purifier in our article “Are Air Purifiers Worth Buying” where we explain the many different perks to owning and using an air purifier. 

Air purifiers aren’t just made for you homes either! Despite the common misconception that air purifiers can only be used in your home, or workplace, they can also be portable! This means that you can have cleaner air everywhere you go! Check out out article on in-car air purifiers, and wearable personal air purifiers for more information on the subject of portable air purifiers.

Air cleaners work to eliminate allergens and irritants which is exactly why so many people buy them. Why suffer through your hay fever, when you can kill off everything that makes your life miserable? Pollen, dust, and pet dander stand no match against the proper air purifiers. HEPA filters take the air cleaning one step further and make your life a breeze. No more runny noses, itchy eyes, coughs or sneezes when you’ve got an air purifier on the job! Where Can I Find a Low Cost Air Purifier?

With the proper air purifying device, you won’t need to take countless decongestants to make it through the night, just get an air purifier in your bedroom! All of the dust, pollen, and dander that is tracked in and kicked up in your house is commonly trapped within the walls of your home. which means that your home is actually collecting everything that makes you miserable. An air purifier will change that, and make your home livable again by sifting through all of your home’s air and taking out the particulates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Air Purifier For Children With Asthma?

Just about every air purifier with a HEPA filter is great for children and anyone with allergies. We recommend buying one of these, with an impregnated charcoal filter, which will really knock it out of the park as far as air quality is concerned.

What Are Charcoal Filters?

Charcoal filters are one and the same as carbon filters. These phrases are used interchangeably. These filters mainly come in two different types activated and impregnated carbon. Impregnated does everything activated carbon does, but it also targets VOCs, which can be dangerous.

What Are VOCs?

VOCs are also known as Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that are released by everyday items such as cleaning solutions, aerosols, and paint. They are known to cause diseases later in life. They can worsen the effects and severity of Asthma.

Why Don’t Normal Air Purifiers Capture VOCs?

VOCs are gasses, which means they are a lot smaller than the particles that even a HEPA filter can capture. VOCs have to be captured with impregnated carbon filters. These filters have special chemicals embedded into their structure so that they can deal specifically with VOCs.

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