EnviroKlenz UV-C Air Purifier Unboxing and Setup

Before I start, I would like to say a few things. First, EnviroKlenz did send me this unit for free to review–I will do my best to not have that impact what I say about this machine. Second, this is the best air purifier I’ve owned and tested. Up until now, the best air purifier I’ve ever tested was an ozone-producing one that is about 20 years old and cost an arm and a leg back in the day. This air purifier is several orders of magnitude better than that older unit. Third, this is the most expensive air purifier I’ve ever used, but the results and quality of construction definitely seems to warrant that cost.

Overall Review of the EnviroKlenz UV-C Air Purifier

This is the best air purifier I’ve ever used by far. In a matter of minutes it had cleaned the air of the 500+ square foot room that my office is in. Within two hours, it had cleaned the air in a 2000+ square foot area to the point that I could notice a difference, which was immensely impressive. This unit is only rated for a 1000 square foot area, so the fact I could notice a difference in an area twice that large bodes well for the unit. Better yet, this noticeable change was made while I had the unit on its lowest setting! That’s what really impresses me.

In addition to this, I have a chronic issue of waking up every morning with a bloody nose. Since I began running this air purifier, that has not been an issue. In fact, I left the machine off as I slept for several nights in a row after it had cleansed the air in my bedroom and I haven’t had a bloody nose since. It seems the unit really cracked down on the pollutants in the air. I decided to not push my luck though, I’ve turned the unit back on and have really enjoyed the cleaned air.

Finally, I have three minor issues with this air purifier that must be mentioned. Believe it or not, the cost is not one of these issues–it is very much worth the high price point. The issues I have are as follows:

  1. It’s noisy on its highest setting (which you can just opt to not use when noise is a concern). Its lowest setting is pretty quiet, according to my sound level meter, its lowest setting is just 52 dB when you’re just a few inches away. That’s about as much sound as a quiet street or a refrigerator running.
  2. It’s heavy. While it does have wheels which makes rolling it around easy, its weight can be problematic for people who can’t lift awkward objects over 30 pounds very easily and who have stairs. I had to lug this thing up and down a few flights of stairs and that’s a tad hard in tight stairwells–especially because the air purifier does not come with handles to make it easier to carry.
  3. It’s not too pretty–it’s a tank. It looks a lot like an older mini-fridge that you’d pick up in a garage sale. In addition to that, it’s a little too big to hide very easily as well. In its defense, however, what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in cleaning capability and strength.

I’ll go into all of this at a deeper level later on in this article, this was just a brief overview on my thoughts about the EnviroKlenz air purifier. With those out of the way, here’s a series of photos from my unboxing the unit!

EnviroKlenz UV-C Air Purifier Unboxing

Unpacking Your EnviroKlenz UV-C Air Purifier

I was pleased with how this air purifier was packaged. It was well insulated and packed, so I’m willing to bet that few people have ever had issues with the unit arriving damaged. Thanks to the great packaging, my air purifier wasn’t even dented despite the pretty serious dings and dents on the box.

To show how this box arrived, here are a few pictures of just the exterior. I will admit that the light blue text on the boxes is a tad hard to read, but it’s not too important of text. It basically just tells you what the package is, and odds are that you’ll know what you ordered! Hahaha

So, with the box out of the way, now I’ll get on with what things look like on the inside as far as packaging goes. I know this isn’t the most exciting of stuff to outline, but it is very important. I personally avoid buying things that come in poor packaging that can allow the item I purchased to get damaged or broken because it can be expensive (both in money and time) to get those things sorted out. I found myself pleasantly surprised with how well this air purifier was packaged and I, once again, don’t see how it could arrive at your home broken under the normal wear and tear that boxes get when they’re shipped across the country. (The company is from Florida and I’m in Oregon, so that’s a good distance for this to travel!)

Anyhows, here are a few pictures of the inside of the box. As you can see below, the foam ensures that the box remains rigid and it also ensures that there is a gap between the air purifier and the box itself. That gap saves the unit from getting dinged or dented during shipping. As you can see in the second photo, there could have been a solid dent on my air purifier had there not been this gap!

Alright, that’s all I have to say on the packaging for this air purifier. Now that that’s out of the way, I can start in on actually taking out the unit!

Here are three shots of what the air purifier looks like from a few angles. The first in the front right corner, the second is the rear right corner, and the final is the rear left corner.

It’s a very plain-looking machine and (as of right now) it only comes in white. It’s clear that EnviroKlenz didn’t want to make a flashy air purifier and, quite frankly, I think that’s a good thing. Too many of the pretty air purifiers that are in this price point just don’t work. For instance, the Dyson air purifier that’s one of the costlier air purifiers out there is constantly picked on by air purifier sites because it looks pretty but it can’t do its job. The EnviroKlenz UV-C air purifier does its job and it does it very, very well.

As you can see, the air purifier’s electrical cable comes out of the bottom of the left side rear of the machine. The electrical cable on the EnviroKlenz air purifier is a solid length, 62 inches (5 feet 2 inches or 157.48 cm) total. I find that this is right in the sweet spot for cable lengths because anything longer just looks messy and anything shorter is too limiting.

Getting Your EnviroKlenz Air Purifier Ready to Run

Once you’ve marveled at your air purifier for a few minutes, you’ll probably want to get it plugged right on in and get it running.


Before you plug in and turn on your new EnviroKlenz air purifier, you have to get it set up. You will have to take its two air filters out of the plastic bags they are sealed in and you will have to plug in your UVC lights as well. All of these things are stowed inside of your air purifier.

To access these filters and lights, you will need to go to the back of your air purifier and lift the metal sheet on the back. Once you’ve pulled it straight up to the top, you will need to pull outward because there’s a little tab on the inside that it will catch on.

Once that outer panel is off, you’ll be able to see the inside of your air purifier. As you can see in this picture, everything is pretty easy to grab.

The two filters are wedged in right where they belong, so keep that in mind when you’re getting ready to pull them out. It’s pretty obvious where they go, but I’m just saying this now in case you have a bit of a brain fart!

The UVC lights that you will need are on top of the larger filter on the bottom, as is the air purifier’s manual (which you should definitely flip through prior to operating your unit).

Once again, everything in here is bagged, except for the manual, of course. This is likely for the ease of shipping and to ensure that you get every minute’s use out of your filters. These filters could collect dust and therefore be of less use to you when you receive them if they were not sealed, so it’s nice that the company took the time to package them individually.

As you can see in this next photo, I’ve taken everything out of the air purifier that they were packed in.

The box it came in is in the background, then there’s the empty air purifier unit at the center rear. In front of the air purifier are the two filters, the two UVC lights (which share the same bag), and the manual.

I was pleased with how thick the plastic was on the air filters because there’s not a very high change that they will be torn through unintentionally, which is good for you.


Before you take your bottom filter out, be sure to be careful. There’s a little switch on the bottom right that you don’t want to break. If you do, your unit won’t be able to turn on. This switch ensures that the unit doesn’t operate without the access panel being put back in place.

I found that I needed to lift the filter as I pulled it out to keep from hitting the switch, but you might have to unscrew the two winged screws that secure the filter in place if it’s too tight of a squeeze. I’ve got a picture of those screws later on when I’m putting the filters back in after unbagging them.

Below are a few closeups of the items that come inside of the air purifier. The thinner filter in the third photo was of a lot of interest to me and I’ll write a bit more about that later on in this post. I thought it was really cool because it replaced the need for the commonly-used activated carbon and impregnated carbon filters that are present in other air purifiers.

Here’s a photo of some of the information on this air purifier. This info is on the bottom left of the back of the unit. Nothing too special, but I will admit that I do like the company’s logo. It could be because I like blue though!

Alright, next up is another shot of the inside of the EnviroKlenz Mobile air purifier. This shot is of the fan which is at the base of the unit.

As you can clearly see, this fan is pretty sizeable. What you can’t see is how powerful it is. I’ve never used an air purifier with such a larger or such a powerful fan.

Why do I mention this?

Well, the power of an air purifier’s fan is arguably just as important as the air cleaner’s filters. I would personally say it’s a bit more important than the filters, but that’s just me.

Why is the fan’s power important in an air purifier?

If an air purifier didn’t have a powerful enough fan to pull air through then filters in the unit, then all the air purifier is is an expensive piece of furniture that doesn’t do anything for you. What makes an air purifier effective is the fact that is can pull air through its filters and then shoot out the filtered air.

Stronger fans mean more air can be pulled through the filters and it can be filtered at a faster rate as well. The EnviroKlenz air purifier is great at cycling air, and I know that because I’ve used it! As I said at the top of this post, I quickly noticed the air quality improvement after just a few minutes of operating this air purifier. I’ll share more on that later.

Now that I’ve addressed some of the nerdier technical stuff about this air purifier, here’s a pretty shot of the main filter, the HEPA filter. It’s super thick and has some very solid steel construction, which I’ve never seen in a filter before now.

The HEPA filter, according to EnviroKlenz, should last you up to TWO YEARS, which I’ve never seen in an air purifier’s filter before now. Usually, HEPA filters are to be replaced every 4-8 months. The reason why the EnviroKlenz HEPA filter can last so much longer is because of how thick it is. More accurately, it is because of how much material there is in the filter.

The filter is made up of a zig zagging material that makes up the interior (the white part). This filter has a whole lot more surface area than any other air purifier’s filter that I’ve seen to date and that means that it has a lot more room to collect particles from the air. That translates to cleaner air longer for you, the owner. There’s some science-y reasons behind this, but I’ll gloss over that in the interest of not boring you.

Setting Up Your EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System with UV-C

Now that we’ve removed all the packaging from the main filter, we can put it into the air purifier unit. The manual this air cleaner comes with has some brief instructions on this, but I’ll detail things out a little further.

So, this main filter is the larger filter in the box. It’s the one with the metal frame. All you need to do is make sure that the arrow in the middle of the sticker is pointing downward and that all the text on the tag is upright. Once that’s done, slide the filter into the unit and be careful with the little switch on the bottom right of the unit once again.

You may want to put the filter in at an angle to ensure that you don’t break the switch (angle it so the side you are inserting is directly slightly downward and then ease the filter in slowly). You may need to unscrew the screw that you can see in the third picture and its twin on the opposite side of the air purifier to slide the filter in fully.

Once your filter is in, give it a gentle push to make sure that it is seated all the way in the unit. You will need to push it toward the front as far as it will go. Once the filter is in place, screw down the two winged screws on the right and left side. This filter needs to be pressed firmly against the base of the unit to ensure that no unfiltered air can squeeze through. The screws and the foam on the base of this filter ensures a good seal.

Once you’ve got the main filter in place, it’s time to put in your UVC light bulbs. I recommend wearing gloves to handle the lights because the oils from your hands can actually cause the lights to fail prematurely otherwise! Gloves ensure that you get every penny’s worth of value out of the lights. Since the UVC bulbs in this unit are a bit costly, it’d be wise to wear the gloves before you take them out of their boxes and before you put them into their spots inside of the machine.

As you can see in the below photos, the bulbs come pretty well packaged. If they arrive damaged you should contact EnviroKlenz and you can do so via the phone number in the manual your unit came with. (But if you lose it, then the phone number for the US is (239) 330-9650.)

Now, it’s a tad tight to put those bulbs into the air purifier, but it’s manageable. Once you’ve got them in, one of the lights could be a little crooked like mine is in the second photo. As you can see, the bulb on the left is hanging down a smidge, but that’s not an issue for me and it still works fine.

Now that we’ve got the UVC bulbs put in, it’s time for the final filter. This filter is the smaller one that has the cardboard frame. This EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge is filled with little beads that will rattle around a bit. That’s nothing to worry about, those are what EnviroKlenz intentionally put in!

This filter is one I was admittedly very curious about when I read up on it. Here’s a photo of the filter as I hold a light behind it. As you can see, there is some stuff inside of the filter!

The cartridge houses “earth minerals” according to EnviroKlenz, and that’s actually something that’s really good for you, the consumer!

The mix that EnviroKlenz uses is one that they patented, and I don’t know the actual mix, but I can say that there are lots of minerals that have loads of benefits that are seldom used in most air purifiers. When I saw that EnviroKlenz actually made use of those properties, the nerdier part of me got very exciting.

Here’s an excerpt from EnviroKlenz’s website that talks about the air cartridge:

“The EnviroKlenz Cartridge contains our patented earth mineral technology which captures and destroy airborne toxic and noxious gasses, particulates, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other allergy triggers.  As the polluted air comes into contact with the EnviroKlenz Technology it captures and destroys the contaminants without releasing any harmful chemicals or byproducts back into your environment. “

Long story short, the minerals that EnviroKlenz put in this cartridge does a lot more than the traditional activated carbon filters that you will find in an air purifier. The minerals will “capture and destroy” the above listed particulates and gasses rather than just capturing them, like an activated carbon filter would do. The destroying of these things is good news for your health.

Alright, now that I’ve scared you with some nerdy stuff, here’s a picture of the smaller air cartridge once it’s properly installed. As you can see, the blue arrow is pointed downward and the text is all upright. You can also see how you can order replacements on the right side. Be sure to push the cartridge all the way in as you did with the first air filter.

And replacements are an important part of this air filter. This one doesn’t last 2 years like the HEPA filter, it only lasts about six months. That is because the mix of minerals used will become less effective or ineffective after that much time has passed.

Once you’ve got the filters and bulbs in place, you will need to replace the back panel. You cannot turn on the machine until you’ve done this.

To replace it, just do the opposite of what you did to put it in.

Be sure to line the panel up with the thin groove that it sits in and remember that there’s the tab on the bottom of the panel that might make putting it back in a little wonky. Once you’ve got it in place, please don’t let the pannel drop down, that could damage the switch that the panel depresses when it’s in position.

Of course, this air purifier is American made, so it could probably withstand that kind of punishment, but I don’t like pushing my luck.

Turning on Your EnviroKlenz Air Purifier for the First Time

Once you’ve got everything put back together and you’ve got your machine plugged back in, you’ll be ready to get your air purifier going! The orange light that says “POWER” should be on once the unit is plugged in and has power. If you live in the US, this should be the standard three pronged 110 plugin that you’ll see in just about every home and commercial office.

I must point out that the company makes a few warnings about how you plug in your unit at the beginning of their manual, so be sure to read those before you try anything wonky.

Once you’re all plugged in, though, now you can have some fun!

On the left side, you have your fan controls. This goes from “OFF”, which is what you get when you turn the dial counter-clockwise all the way, and then it scales up all the way to “MAX” as you dial clockwise.

EnviroKlenz recommends running your unit on the “WHISP-AIR” setting (the first level above off) for 24-48 hours. They have other recommendations as well, which you can see on page 17 of the manual.

Once you have the fan turned on whatever setting you please, you can also turn on the UV lights with the simple switch on the right side of the control panel. There should be two lights that flicker on once you’ve turned this lights on. The flickering is totally normal.

If one of the lights on this panel don’t turn on, then turn off and unplug your air purifier and then check to see if you installed both UVC lights properly. If you have done so and if the indicator light does not turn on, then there could be an issue with your unit. Be sure to contact EnviroKlenz’s customer support if that happens.

However, if one of these lights goes out after a few months or years, then that just means that the UVS bulb finally went out and that it’s time to get a replacement. Be sure to replace them as soon as you can if you are at all worried about viruses and bacteria.

What do I Think About the EnviroKlenz Air Purifier?

I will admit it. I was very skeptical about this unit when I first began looking into it. As with a lot of air purifiers, if it sounds too good to be true, then it very well could be.

And then I tested and used this unit for a few weeks. With every passing hour, the doubts I had vanished. I realized this air purifier was legit and that it really needed to get some more attention. I’ve read up on, tested, lived with, and browsed thousands of air purifiers as I search for the best air purifiers on the market today and not one of those measures up to the EnviroKlenz air purifier I’ve written about today.

I’m sold. Totally sold.

I’ve never used an air purifier that pushes so much air out. More air getting pushed out means more air circulation, more air filtration, and more coverage area. I’ve bought air purifiers that are designed for large rooms and none of them produce this much air flow. Even on the lowest setting the EnviroKlenz air purifier beats out those other air purifiers in the air circulating race.

And then there’s the matter of smell.

A lot of air purifiers do something called “off gassing” when you buy them new. That off gassing is the release of dangerous compounds called VOCs. That’s a big issue because air purifiers are usually bought to take care of that very issue. But, rather than help, a lot of air purifiers add to the problem and are quite smelly. I was pleased to discover that the EnviroKlenz air purifier was not one of those. I detected no odd scents emanating from the new filter, just good clean air.

Then there’s the cool glowing blue light that you can see coming from the air purifier, especially when it’s dark in the room. That blue light is evidence of the germ-killing power of this air purifier hard at work. It also makes the air purifier look like it is from the future. As far as I’m concerned, those are two pros.

There’s a lot of other things that I like and a few things I dislike as well about this air purifier that I won’t include in this write up. If you would like to read my full review on this air purifier, please sit tight. I’m rolling out a series of tests which takes time.

If you would like to buy this air purifier, you can do so on EnviroKlenz’s website here. You can also find replacement filters via that link.

Jonathon Silva

Jonathan Silva is our longtime Air Purifier Essentials author. He has been writing on air purification technologies for his entire professional career.

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