Do I Need an Air Purifier in My Bedroom?

Let’s face the facts, people: if your home is in need of an air purifier, then your bedroom is as well.

Homes in the United States are full of pollutants ranging from things as harmless (but still annoying) as dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens, to more dangerous things like VOCs, airborne germs, and even radon. The EPA reported that the average US home had 2 to 5 times more pollutants in it than there would be outside. That’s a lot of pollutants!

So, if you were wondering if you need an air purifier in your bedroom, then the answer is a resounding yes. Every allergen, every bit of dust, and everything else that you don’t want to breathe are just as likely to be in your bedroom as they are in the rest of your home. An air purifier can reduce the amount of those pollutants markedly.

But what does that mean for you? Why does it matter if there are less pollutants in your air? Well, here’s the scoop. Clean air actually helps you sleep. Many people find themselves falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly when they have air purifiers. Additionally, people who wake up with bloody and stuffy noses most every day (like me) don’t have those pesky stuffy and bloody noses when they wake up in the morning!

Why Should I Have an Air Purifier in My Bedroom and Not Somewhere Else?

To be rightly honest, if you really wanted to have the cleanest possible air in your home, then you should have an air purifier in every room (or at least the rooms that you and your family spend the most time in). But, if you can’t afford that just yet (even though it shouldn’t cost too much to get an air purifier in every room in your home), then you should get an air purifier in your bedroom first.

Why should your bedroom be a priority when you’re getting an air purifier? Well, believe it or not, you spend most of your time in there. On average, people spend about 8 hours in their bedroom sleeping, and e all know that a good night’s sleep really sets us up for a good day. Air purifiers can help you sleep well, and the effects of clean air in general are best felt when you have a good air purifier pumping clean air for you over the longest possible time.

If there are other rooms that you spend hours and hours in, then you can get air purifiers for them too. Start with the rooms you spend the most time in, maybe it’s your home office, maybe your living room, maybe your dining room.

Essentially, just ask yourself where you spend the bulk of your time when you’re home. Time it if need be. You might be surprised by the results.

For me, I spend most of my time in my home office, working on articles like this for you guys, and doing other stuff like that. That’s about 10-12 or so hours of my day. Another 6 are in my bedroom as I sleep, and the rest of my day is split between the other rooms in my home and as I go out and about.

So, for me, I actually spend a lot more time in my home office than I do in my bedroom!

But, I remind you that nothing beats a good night’s sleep and that a good air purifier can help you sleep better.

So, if I had to choose just one spot for just one air purifier, I’d still choose to have it in my bedroom.

But luckily, I don’t have to choose. I have an air purifier in my bedroom and in my office! Why? Well, first off, I need to test the units for you guys! Second off, I’m actually a believer in what I’m selling!

What is the Best Air Purifier for My Bedroom?

Having used it for a while now, I can confidently say that Levoit air purifiers are some of the best air purifiers out there for use in bedrooms. They’re quiet, they don’t have annoyingly bright lights that’ll keep you up, and they’re remarkably affordable.

The air purifier on the left is the one that I own and have been using, it is my favorite air purifier under $50 by far. Admittedly it isn’t the coolest air purifier I’ve ever used (that title goes to an 800 dollar unit I’m still testing), but it’s amazing for its price point.

A cool feature with this particular Levoit air purifier is that it has a little “sponge” (it’s not much of a sponge, to be honest) that you can put essential oils or other perfumes on. These scents are then diffused through your room’s air.

For people who are hoping to fall asleep, essential oils like lavender, Chamomile, and sandalwood will help you, according to Amerisleep.

If you’re interested in the air purifier I’ve been using, you can check it out on Amazon here. That is the cheapest model. If you want one that can do a few more things and is a bit more, then here’s the next level up from Levoit on Amazon. And, if that one isn’t good enough for you, then here’s the next level up, which can also be found on Amazon.

Of course, I haven’t tested the latter two units quite yet, so that’s a bit of a negative. That being said, I do trust the company and their product from the unit I have already purchased, and I will be buying more of their air purifiers in the future since they’re so nice!

Where Should I Put My Air Purifier in My Bedroom?

If you’ve got an air purifier for your bedroom already, or if you’re about to get one, then odds are that you’re wondering where you should put your air purifier.

Ideally, you should have your air purifier as close to you as possible in order to get the cleanest possible air. This could be right beside your bed on the ground, on a nightstand, or possibly mounted on the wall beside your bed (if you get an air purifier that mounts on a wall).

The reason why you want it so close is so the air purifier’s fresh air will be closest to you. If you have the air purifier on the opposite side of the room, then you might not be getting the level of clean air that you could otherwise be getting.

Additionally, be sure to have your air purifier uncovered. Don’t bury it under dirty clothes and clutter. Air purifiers need to be able to breathe if they’re going to work. Be mindful of the air inlet (where the air is sucked up) and the outlet (where it blows out) and make sure that these spots are unobstructed.

If you’d like to read up more on where to put your air purifier, I actually just wrote an article on that here! That article mostly touches on the importance of getting an air purifier that’s actually made for the size of room you’re putting it in, but there’s a good section on air purifier placement in it.

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