Do I Need Air Purifiers for the Office? Step By Step Air Quality

Do I Need Air Purifiers for the Office?

Do I Need Air Purifiers for the Office

Air purifiers come in many shapes and sizes, and their uses are nearly limitless. One of these potential uses in improving the indoor air quality of your business. Commercial air purifiers, just like their residential counterparts, clean the air you and your employees breathe.

Air purifiers are ideal for any indoor space where people spend a lot of their time, and their workplace is no exception to that general rule. Air purifiers for the office are great for fending off illnesses and allergies year round.

No matter how many times you tell your sick employees to keep their illnesses to themselves (i.e. encouraging them to stay home if they are ill, or to just wash their hands) you always end up having some come to work and infecting everyone else. Today, we hope to tell you a new way you can help fight illnesses at your business, and also some of the other benefits of using an air purifier in your workplace.

Consider How Many Employees, Space and Type Of Business

What kind of business do you own? How many employees do you have? Do you have customers enter your building on a regular basis? Depending on your responses, you may want to consider purchasing an air purifier. You are probably wondering, “Why does my business need an air purifier?” Well, there can be a lot of benefits for you, and everyone who enters your building.

By now, you are probably either curious or skeptical so we will lay it all out for you here. Air purifiers can clean the air in your workplace of allergens, smoke, mold, fungi, and odors. Have you noticed any of these common particulates interfering with your employee’s work? Perhaps you’ve even had a few employees complain over the years if things are especially bad. Even if you haven’t received any complaints, there are still benefits to owning an air purifier.

Owning an air purifier for your business will result in cleaner air that you and your workforce breathe. You may think that your office, warehouse, or store may have clean air, but in reality, it is likely dirtier than the air outside. A recent EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) study showed that indoor air is commonly 2 to 5 times dirtier than the air outside. This even includes the air in your home.

Since we’re talking about the types of businesses here, I thought I’d add that some types of businesses need other machines to take care of their air quality too. For instance, pet groomers should invest in dehumidifiers to cut down on smells, allergens, and mold risks. But they’re not the only ones who could make use of dehumidifiers. If your office is somewhere that’s humid, you could need one too! In fact, if you live somewhere that’s dry, you could need a humidifier to make the air healthier too! I know that’s all a lot to think about, so here’s an entire article on it.

What makes the air indoors dirtier?

What makes the air indoors dirtier? It is the fact that we are sealing in all of the particulates in the air, thereby obstructing the free flow of air. The result is much like a carpet in a highly trafficked area, it collects all of the grime from outside, and locks it inside. However, you can’t clean the filth out of the air, unless you have an air purifier.

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Some of you may already have or know people who own air purifiers for their homes, and odds are, you’ve heard them brag on them at least once. Those of you who already have an air cleaner at your homes already know just how well they work. The same technology that powers home air purifiers powers air purifiers for your business, so rest assured, they work just as well.

Just about any need you have as far as air quality is concerned, there is likely an air purifier for you. Maybe you need a unit for a staff room, or a factory floor, or an entire warehouse. Air purifiers have you covered, they come in all shapes and sizes, and are rated for anything from a  single room to an entire building. If you own a recycling sorting business, a retail store, or an antique store where everything lets off strange smells, an air purifier can help you improve air quality.

Customers Appreciate Clean Air Too…

If you have customers on your premises, odds are they appreciated clean air, just like you do. Some customers are turned off from visiting certain stores just because of how they smell, or because of the smells the seep in from the neighborhood. An air purifier can fix this issue by eliminating offensive odors, which can be bad for business.


Yes, they can, and some are very effective at doing it! Many of you who operate businesses with lots of employees in close quarters know that when one person gets sick, everyone quickly follows until everyone has either come to work sick or taken a few days off. It goes without saying that you aren’t making much money in both situations. For those of you who provide paid sick days, you can be out some serious cash by the time the flu bug has worked through your workforce.

If you invested just a fraction of what you would stand to lose in one season of illness into an air purifier for your office space, you will likely see a massive drop in illnesses among your employees. And everyone knows that healthy employees do a lot better work than sick (or absent) ones. If you purchase a machine for zapping the pathogens out of your indoor air, we recommend getting a unit with at least a HEPA filter, and preferable with sanitizing options, like heat or UV light, both of which will kill these bacteria and viruses.

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Yes, be it your own allergies, your employees, or some of your prospective customers, an air purifier can be your saving grace. Allergies, like illness, can and will reduce how effective just about everyone is. And when you or your employees are ineffective, you aren’t making money. Not to mention everyone just feels horrible, and depressed.

You will find that many air purifiers claim to help with allergies, but the best air purifier for doing this will be one with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter captures some of the smallest particles in the air, which includes countless allergens. In fact, these air purifier filters are also great for those of you who work with people who have asthma too. A HEPA filter helps ensure that your indoor air is high quality, and very clean.


With more traffic and more people in an office, comes more pollutants in the air that can cause illnesses and cause people’s allergies to flare up. Both of these result in less work getting done, and in unhappy workers. People track in allergens and pathogens from their own homes, and from elsewhere in the outside world, and bring it into your office. An air purifier is your first line of defense against this.

Many people go to work, even if they have a sick relative at home. Unfortunately, that results in their spreading that particular illness to everyone in your office, even if they don’t know that they are bringing it along with them. The same is true with allergens, someone may not be allergic to let’s say pet dander, but when they come to work covered in pet fur, those who are allergic can suffer.

If you are running a business that allows pets (including therapy animals), you run the risk of causing people with allergies a lot of discomfort. These people oftentimes take their business elsewhere, which hurts your bottom line. Not all air purifiers are effective at pulling pet fur and pet dander out of the air, so check out our article on the best air purifier for someone with pets for our recommendations. You can check out this other article on how air purifiers help with dander here as well.

Air purifiers work to eliminate these productivity-harming particles from the air. Air purifiers also work to combat odors, which can be a lifesaver if your office has a strange smell. Perhaps your office is above someone else’s smelly business, or you just work in an old building with years of smells baked in, an air purifier can help. No one wants to work, or does their best work somewhere that stinks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Air Purifiers Work?

There are several different methods that are utilized in air purifiers, these include carbon and fabric filters, static electricity, screens, heat, UV light, and more. The air purifying machines run their surrounding air through themselves, sifting out all of the particulates in the air and capturing them. The resulting air that they release is fresh and clean.

Are Air Purifiers a Waste of Money?

Not at all, unless you’re lucky enough to be living somewhere without any pollution. Air purifiers are a great investment! If you have any allergies, or even just dust in your home that you wish would just go away, and air purifier can solve your problems. We believe that you do need Air Purifiers for the Office.

Where Can I Find Air Purifiers for Sale?

Air purifiers are sold almost everywhere nowadays. You can find air purifiers online or in many home improvement and department stores. You can even buy used units online, or at garage sales.

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, and depending on the make and model that you are considering, they work very well! Air purifiers are great for dust control, in addition to combating your seasonal allergies, which you may have thought had no fix. No, air purifiers won’t cure you of allergies, but they will seemingly cure you while you are home, since all of your allergens have been pulled out of the air.

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