Christmas Gifts for Clean Freaks: Why Air Purifiers Make Great Gifts!

If you’ve got a clean freak in your life, then odds are that you’re always stepping on their toes in one way or another. It takes a long time for those of us who aren’t complete clean freaks to know what to look out for and what to avoid in order to avoid irritating our friend or family member.

Cleaning supplies aren’t good Christmas gifts, even if you’re a clean freak. However, an air purifier could be the perfect gift for any clean freak and germaphobe! The right air purifier can go a long way in cleansing the air of all the things that make clean freaks cringe.

So, What are Air Purifiers?

If you’ve never heard of an air purifier before, you’re not alone. These little machines have gone more or less unnoticed by millions of people for decades. It wasn’t until the coronavirus outbreak that more people started researching and talking about air purifiers more.

In short, air purifiers are machines that filter things out of the air. On the ultra-low-end of things, air purifiers can capture dust and take it out of the air. Better built air purifiers can capture and eliminate odors, bacteria and germs, allergens, and a whole lot more.

…And yes, those nicer air purifiers still take care of dust too!

Air purifiers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they aren’t all created equal. Some are built well, some are not. Some are great at cleaning the air, some are not. Some are built to kill germs, some are not.

In today’s article, I will be listing off some of the best air purifiers that make for great gifts for clean freaks and a lot of other people. Why am I so confident about that? Because I’ve given these as gifts!

The Best Air Purifiers to Give as Christmas Presents

Before I dive right into this, here’s a disclaimer. I know that people budget their Christmas shopping. For my family, when we’re strapped for cash, all give cheaper gifts and we give nicer ones when we’ve got better times.

As such, I’ve set up this list to go from “cheap gifts/gift exchange” (15 to 30 dollars-ish) which is the bottom, then middle of the road costs (30 to 60 dollars-ish), and finally more expensive air purifiers (100-150 dollars-ish). Obviously, most of us won’t be giving our neighbors those higher-tier ones, but we might give them to family members who are in need of them.

Super Affordable Air Purifiers (Great for Christmas Gift Exchanges)

I’m starting this list with the air purifiers that I’ve gifted the most. There’s something about the cheaper air purifiers that just makes them really easy to give away. They’re usually so easy to use that I like to start my friends and family off with these.

Three Musketeers Air Purifier (20-30-ish Dollars)

True HEPA Filter, Affordable, Slick Look, Easy to Use

This list just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t start with the very first air purifier that I bought and tested for this site. This wee little air purifier is a little bigger than a large thermos for your coffee, but its air cleaning ability is surprisingly high.

This air purifier isn’t the best air cleaner out there, but it does put up a good fight. I think it’s a great value, and I’ve bought quite a few for friends and for different rooms in my house. This air purifier is made for bedrooms and other similarly sized rooms.

Because this air purifier has a “True HEPA” filter, it is super effective at cleaning the air that is sucked through it. Cheaper air purifiers like this often have “HEPA Type” filters that aren’t actually HEPA grade. Don’t get those, they’re not even close to as good as real HEPA filters.

This air purifier is really popular among first-time air purifier owners who are starting on the bottom rung of prices, so it sells out ALL THE TIME. It’s actually amusing how often it sells out.

I mention that for this reason: there are two companies that you can buy this same exact unit from on Amazon. Here are the Amazon links to take you to the two different units: Three Musketeers and ZHENGXOO. Their prices are usually comparable, but you can check both.


Super Cool, Water Air Filtration, Easy to Use

This next air purifier is a cool one for one big reason: it uses water as its filter. As such, it’s a big novelty item in my book.

This air purifier is called an “air revitalizer” but people all call them water air purifiers, water-based air purifiers, and other such phrases.

The cool thing about air purifiers like this is that they also double as essential oil diffusers (so it could be a great gift for that essential oil mama that you know). These water-based air purifiers also add a smidge of humidity to the air as they operate, which makes the air feel more refreshing.

The key drawback to water air revitalizers is that they don’t use HEPA filters (which isn’t a drawback in everyone’s book, but it might not appeal to a clean freak). Because water is the sole filter in this machine, it’s not as effective at capturing things that HEPA filters capture, but they’re great at capturing a lot of stuff still.

If you’d like to pick up this air purifier, it’s on Amazon here.

Mid-Range Air Purifier (A Nicer Air Purifier Gift)

These air purifiers are a bit more money than the previous two, but they work a whole lot better.

Levoit Air Purifier (40-55-ish Dollars)

Sleek Look, Great Price, H13 True HEPA Filter, Easy to Use

Again, I’m sharing an air purifier that I’ve owned and used for a while. (I’ve used all the air purifiers on this list, but I’ve got a special admiration of a few of these.)

Anyhows, this air purifier, in my opinion, is a hundred times better than the Three Musketeers one. The best part is is that it’s only about twice the price of it.

Now, my opinion doesn’t really matter, so let me tell you flat out that this air purifier is in fact a lot better than the Three Musketeers one scientifically as well. I ran my own tests and found that it cleans the air better and it cleans it faster. If I recall correctly, this air purifier got the air about six times better than the Three Musketeers one. (I used a particle counter on the air and ran several experiments for it.)

This air purifier uses an H13 True HEPA filter, which is a great filter. It also has activated carbon, which makes it great for odors as well. One more thing that I love about it is that it even has a pre-filter, which extends the life of your filter and allows you to clean it out too!

Oh, and this air purifier also has a little “sponge” thing for essential oils that works great too. So, this doubles as another good gift for those essential oil fans!

If you’d like to buy this air purifier for someone else ( or yourself), then I’m confident that this one will please–I know I’ve loved this little guy! You can pick it up on Amazon here.

I could list more air purifiers in this price bracket, but I’m going to leave it here with this Levoit one this year. This air purifier is amazing.

Great Air Purifier That Cost a Wee Bit More

Here’s another list of just one. Why? Well, it’s a great air purifier and it works great. If you’re willing to spend between 100 and 150 dollars, then I wouldn’t recommend anything other than this air purifier! (For this list, at least. There are other air purifiers I recommend in this range.)

SilverOnyx Air Purifier (110-150-ish Dollars)

Perfect Air Purifier for Clean Freaks, Air Sanitizer, H13 HEPA Filter, Cool Look, Great Value

Admittedly, I feel lame because I don’t have a picture of this air purifier of my own. My excuse is that I gave it to my sister and her husband, so I didn’t get any pictures. But, that isn’t to say that I didn’t use it and check it out!

This air purifier is the best in this post for any clean freak. Why? Because it has an air sanitizer. No other air purifier on this list has one, and it’s the sanitizer that will appeal the most to your clean freak family member or friend.

So, air sanitizers kill germs, just like their name implies. This particular air purifier uses a UV light to do the germ killing.

If you mention to the person you get this air purifier for that it kills airborne germs, they might just love you forever. This air purifier is an absolute beast.

In addition to killing germs, this air purifier is great at mitigating smoke, dust, and allergens as well. (We had some wildfires these past few years, so I can say that confidently.)

This air purifier has an H13 HEPA filter, same as the Levoit unit, and it also has a pre-filter and carbon filter too.

Something else that this air purifier boasts is an ionizer, which is a cool little thing that helps further clean the air. (I won’t say more on that in fear of boring you. If you would like to see more on ionizers though, you can check out this article I wrote. I wrote two other pieces besides that, and I’ve linked them at the base of this post.)

So, if you’ve got a few more bucks to spend to get the air extra clean, then I can’t recommend this air purifier highly enough. For its price, this is an absolute steal. I’m so happy with this one–as are my sister and brother-in-law!

If you’d like to buy this air purifier, then here’s a link to it on Amazon.

And that brings us to the end of my list of the best air purifiers to give to clean freaks this Christmas! Of course, there are a lot of other air purifiers out there that your clean freak may enjoy, but I think that they’d be most apt to enjoy these!

On top of that, I know people who aren’t clean freaks and germaphobes enjoy these air purifiers as well, so you can buy and give with confidence.

If you’d like to check out all the air purifiers that I recommend to people, then you can check out that list here. There are several air purifiers from this list that are on that one as well, but there are a handful of other ones too. All those air purifiers are awesome, so they’ll make great gifts too.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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