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The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is another air purifier manufactured by Blueair. The “Blue” series has a total of four different sized machines. Each machine is made for different sized rooms corresponding to their size. The smallest unit is the Blue Pure 411, the next size up is this one, the Blue Pure 311. The next machine is the Blue Pure 211 and the largest machine is the Blue Pure 121.

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto is the second smallest size and is designed for midsized rooms.

What is There to Know About the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto?

blueair blue pure 311 auto air purifier

This air purifier is designed to clean the air in mid-sized rooms like a master bedroom, large playroom, or small living room. Any room that’s about 388 square feet is what this air purifier is built to take care of.

Yes, that tube on the right is the air purifier. It’s basically just a larger version of the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Auto.

This air purifier, like every one in this series, uses an electrostatic plate, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. These three filtration systems serve to cleanse the air of microscopic particles like allergens. In fact, the electrostatic plate can even kill bacteria and viruses! The activated carbon filter is great for getting rid of odors and even harmful VOCs that are in your home’s air.

Were Can I Get Replacement Filters for the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto

Unfortunately, replacement filters are actually a little hard to find. For one reason or another, they’re not sold on all online stores like the filters for the other three sizes. You can pick them up on Blueair’s website, here’s a link to order one.

This filter is called the main filter. This main filter includes both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon one. If you run your air purifier all day then you will need to replace it every six months.

Where Can I Get a Different Color Pre-Filter for My Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto?

The pre-filters are a lot easier to find for this unit than the main filters. You may want to pick up a couple of each color that appeals to you so you can swap between them whenever you want. I recommend washing the fabric pre-filter every two weeks, but you might need to do it more often depending on how much dust and whatnot is in the air in your home.

The Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto has five different colors for you to select from. These colors include: artic tail (grey), aurora light (green), winter reed (light grey), night waves (blue), and archipelago sand (pink). No, I don’t know where they came up with those color names! Hahaha You can select between those color options via the button below.

Closing Thoughts on the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto

While this air purifier is just as cool as the other ones in Blueair’s Blue lineup, it isn’t nearly as popular. Because of this it can be a little harder to get stuff for it like the abovementioned main filter. Blueair will likely still stand behind their product, but just keep in mind that the availability of filters and whatnot may vary.

Once again, this air purifier is very good. Blueair is a great manufacturer too. Our only concern is about the availability of the things that you will need to buy to keep your unit running.

If at all possible, we’d recommend that you purchase the 211, the next-larger unit. You can check it out here.

If you’re not too concerned, however, you can order one of these Blueair Blue Pure 311 Autos via the below link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy a Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto Replacement Filter on Amazon?

As of the time of our writing this, no. It seems like Blueair stopped selling the replacement filters for this unit since it isn’t as popular as their other units. However, you can still order replacement filters on their website.

Is the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto a Good Air Purifier?

Yes, it’s a great air purifier! However, it can be difficult to find replacement filters for it on most online retailers’ sites. You will have to go on their website to order one.

Is the Blueair Blue Pure 311 Auto Good for Allergies?

Yes, it’s very good. Thanks to its various filters, including its HEPA filter, it will capture just about every airborne allergen in your home’s air. If you have severe allergies then you may need to purchase an air purifier for every room in your house.

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