My Aiho Dehumidifier | What I Love About this Dehumidifier and What Makes it the Best

Anyone who has been following our posts for a while will know that I can really get into certain machines.

Some machines really do it for me, others do not.

Ahio’s dehumidifier is one of the machines that really did it for me. This machine is absolutely lovely.

But I’m not just saying that, I’ve been using this dehumidifier for over a year and a half now and it’s still going strong! It’s gone through Hell and it’s still ticking! In fact, it froze a month or two ago, you can read up on my experience with that here.

What is the Aiho Dehumidifier Good For?

Before I tell you a whole bunch of stuff about a dehumidifier that you’ve probably never heard about, let me tell you a bit about what it’s for.

This dehumidifier is perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and finished rooms in your basement. Those are the rooms that I’ve used this dehumidifier in and have really enjoyed it.

This air dehumidifier is rated for 150 square feet and that means that it will be able to take car of most bedrooms.

Despite being rated for only 150 square feet, I’ve found that this dehumidifier can still greatly reduce the amount of moisture in the air of larger rooms as well.

What Do I Love About the Aiho Dehumidifier?

Right off the bat, I’d like to say that I bought this dehumidifier a year and a half ago and I’ve used it just about every day. It’s still going strong and, as I previously mentioned, it even made it through being frozen over the winter!

I bought this dehumidifier as it was running a flash sale of sorts on Amazon, so I couldn’t help myself. I knew I needed a dehumidifier at the time, and I also wanted to purchase a dehumidifier that I could tell my readers about too.

I even kept the box so I could “unbox” it once again for all of you, once I knew that I liked it! (I guess I can finally get rid of that box once I show all of you it! Hahaha)

Here are my pictures of my unboxing!

Aiho Dehumidifier Unboxing!

Aiho Dehumidifier Box (Front)

The box this air dehumidifier came in is nothing exciting. It’s about the size of a small shoebox.

All it says on the front is, “Aiho” and “Semiconductor Dehumidifier”. The semiconductor part just means how it pulls the water out of the air.

Aiho Dehumidifier box from the side

Just like the front side, there’s nothing exciting about the side. Just some useful info about the requirements and how to use the thing.

All in all, the design is very minimalistic.

The dehumidifier, as stated, says that it can remove 300 ml of water a day in an environment that is 30 degrees Celsius, which is 86 Fahrenheit, and has 80% humidity. The water basin is 700 ml, which means that, if the dehumidifier is working at 100%, it’ll fill up in a little over a day.

I’ve never had the basement I used this in hit 86, in fact, it’s normally between 50 and 60, so that’s a lot lower than 86. Despite that, I have still had some days where this dehumidifier pulled out about 100 ml.

Aiho Dehumidifier box opened up, first layer.

Now that we’ve covered the outside of the box, here’s what the inside looks like when you pop it open!

Right on top was a little white box and the user manual for the dehumidifier.

Aiho Dehumidifier charger and manual.

Inside the little white box was the dehumidifier’s power adapter. The cable is about four and a half feet long, so it’s long enough to work on most tabletops if the wall outlet is nearby.

The manual is written in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Looking into the Aiho dehumidifier box at the dehumidifier

After pulling aside the cardboard folds away from the top and then a little piece of plastic padding to protect the dehumidifier I can finally see the dehumidifier.

Aiho Dehumidifier outside of the box, still in the plastic bag it came in

You can then pull the dehumidifier out and, at long last, you can finally behold your new dehumidifier.

Aiho dehumidifier out of box and out of the bag.

With the dehumidifier unboxed, I finally can unbag it too.

I’m honestly very happy with this purchase and I think the dehumidifier looks pretty cool. It can blend in pretty well in most rooms

Cool Features on the Aiho Dehumidifier

The Aiho dehumidifier isn’t too fancy, which just makes it easier to use, as far as I’m concerned. While having a hundred different options to choose from when using your machine can be fun, sometimes a simple on and off switch is really nice sometimes too.

One feature that this air dehumidifier does have that’s nice and not on every machine out there is an auto shut off for its water basin. This shut off ensures that your machine turns off when it’s full, which can save you from cleaning up a mess.

I’ve only had the basin reach the auto shut off once in the 18 months of me owning it, mostly because I empty it far too often for it to hit it otherwise. The one time that it did shut off was when I was on vacation and it was a rainy week at home (rainy days usually make the air more humid).

In addition to being easy to operate, this dehumidifier is super quiet too. I made a shot 12 second video of it running so you can hear the fan. I can say that it’s a lot quieter than leaves rustling and I don’t have anything I can compare it to to say how quiet it is.

The dehumidifier’s low hum isn’t enough to keep me up at night, nor is the green light. I have an air purifier in my bedroom beside this dehumidifier and I have to turn the air purifier off because the light is too bright–this machine’s light, however, is not an issue.

If you would like to support us, please be sure to use the link below to order this dehumidifier through Amazon! It helps immensely.

Check the current price of the Aiho dehumidifier here.

I’ve loved this dehumidifier and it’s served me well in my basement, bedroom, bathroom, home office, and even my kitchen (which was a lot more humid than I would have thought).

Parting Thoughts About the Aiho Dehumidifier

Although this dehumidifier has raised in price a bit since I picked it up, I still end up recommending it to my family and friends just because it works so well and it’s still on the cheaper end of the dehumidifier spectrum. It’s a great machine and I’ve really enjoyed it.

It’s easy to use, empty, and it works super well. I can’t complain about one thing with this dehumidifier.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Aiho Dehumidifier

How do I Empty the Water Basin on a Aiho Dehumidifier?

It’s easy! Turn off the dehumidifier, pull out the translucent blue basin, take it to a sink or somewhere where you want to dump out the water, pull the black cork out (not all the way out though), and then empty it through that hole. You probably won’t be able to get every drop out, but that should be okay.

Can I Sleep With the Aiho Dehumidifier Running?

Yes, it’s very quiet and I sleep with it on all the time. I’m a pretty light sleeper too, so that’s really saying something.

Does the Aiho Dehumidifier Have a Drainage Hose?

No, it only has its 700 ml water basin. This basin only fills up between once every week or so to once every month an a half during the non-winter months.

Do I Need to Use My Aiho Dehumidifier During the Winter?

In most cases, no. I don’t use mine in winter unless I have a specific moisture concern that I’m trying to address. Humidity is a lot lower in the winter months because humidity is usually just an issue in warmer seasons and climates. Sub-freezing winter months aren’t likely to have a humidity problem, so you won’t need to use your dehumidifier then.

How Often Should I Empty My Aiho Dehumidifer?

If your home is 86 degrees and has 80% humidity, then you’ll have to empty your dehumidifier once every other day. I only empty mine a few times a month and odds are that you will be in the same boat, so long as you don’t live in super warm and humid areas.

How Big of a Room Can I Use the Aiho Dehumidifier in?

Rooms up to 150 square feet are what this dehumidifier is rated for. I’ve used it in larger rooms and still notice a decrease in humidity, but the company rated it for just 150.

How Long is the Power Cord on the Aiho Dehumidifier?

I measured it and it’s just over four and a half feet long. That being said, its plug is one of the ones that you plug in and the wire sticks out the bottom, so that might impact where you want it if you were planning on using every inch of the wire.

Does the Aiho Dehumidifier Turn Off When it’s Full?

Yes. The little plastic float in the basin rises when the basin fills up and then turns the machine off. It’s super simple and works great.

Can I Turn Off the Green Light on the Aiho Dehumidifier?

No, the light is on whenever the machine is on. If you want the light off, you will have to turn the machine off.

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