What Are the Benefits of Air Purifiers for Seniors?

What Are the Benefits of Air Purifiers for Seniors?

Air purifiers are very important machines for people who have weaker immune systems, this includes babies and seniors. We strongly recommend the benefits of air purifiers for seniors, as they can make a big difference for their health through their golden years.

There are several benefits to elderly people who own air purifiers, this is because air purifiers help pick up the slack left by their weakening immune systems. Air purifiers also help with allergies and asthma, which is good for people of all ages.


Benefits of Air Purifiers for Seniors

Today we will tell you why you should purchase an air purifier for yourself or an elderly relative. Between what these units can do for keeping them healthy, and for cutting down on allergens, their benefits will outweigh their upfront costs.

Indoor air purifiers are a must for those of us who are growing old. These remarkable little machines are proven to help us stay healthier. They clean the air that we breathe, keeping all of the gunk in the air, out of our lungs. If you want to be as healthy as possible, an air purifier can help you achieve this. Keep the risk of developing lung diseases as far away as possible.

Air purifiers are small machines that filter the air we breathe. Everything from dust, tobacco smoke, smoke odors, cigarette smoke, pet odors, pet dander dust mold and mold spores. Most of these air purifiers capture these potentially harmful particles, but some go as far as to eliminate them. Whether the particles are eliminated or simply captured, the net result is cleaner, safer air to breathe. The benefits of air purifiers for seniors can be very helpful, as this can make up for their weakening immune system.

Can Air Purifiers Destroy Viruses & Bacteria In The Air

One very important aspect of some air purification systems is that they can clear the air of viruses and bacteria. This means that you (or your parents) will be able to reduce their exposure to flu bugs and colds. We strongly recommend purchasing an air purifier for your home that utilizes UV light or heat. This will eliminate these viruses before they infect you or your parents. There are literally health benefits of air purifiers.

We recommend doing some research, rather than simply buying the first air purifier that pops up since you need to get one that caters to your needs. Always ensure that you are buying an air purifier that is designed to deal with the issues you, or the senior you are buying it for, may face.

Questions To Consider When Buying An Air Purifier

FOREST FIRE brush fire

-Are there a lot of forest fires near the senior?

You will need an air purifier which filters out smoke, these units can be remarkably effective, and there are many affordable options out there.

-Are they liable to catch illnesses?

You will need a heat or UV sanitizer, preferably with a true HEPA filter. By buying an air purifier with these systems included, you will be able to sanitize the air you or your relative is breathing. The benefits of air purifiers for seniors removes some of the breathing risks that come with older adults.

-How big is the room they will have the air purifier in?

You will have to purchase an air purifier rated for a room that size. Air purifiers will state how large of a room they can handle in square feet. Air purifiers should be stationed in bedrooms and living areas where you spend the bulk of your time.

-What can you afford?

You will have to shop around to see what is in your price range. We recommend purchasing an air filter which is made for the issues you fear, and nothing more, as this can reduce the price.

-Will they be able to replace the filters (if the unit requires filter replacements)?

If not, you may have to clean or replace the filters yourself. Some air purifiers have filters that last for several years, while others last a month or so. You can save money in the long run if you find filters you can clean since you won’t have to buy replacements.

-Is there a lot of mold and fungus in their area?

You will need to purchase an air purifier that is made to deal with mold and fungus. We recommend also buying an air purifier with a dehumidifier if this is an issue. The dehumidifying aspect of the machine will help to take care of the root cause of fungi and mold, making the air you or your parents breathe.


The benefits of air purifiers for seniors are used to remove countless microscopic particles from the air. These minuscule objects, which are sometimes referred to as particulates, can be harmful to a senior’s health and well being. Respiratory conditions should always be considered so that increased risks of indoor air quality are not compromised. Airborne particulates include everything from allergens and pathogens to mold and fungi. In fact, some air purifiers can even filter out gasses from the air too! To reduce radon gas levels, you need an activated carbon filter. 

All of these pollutants in your air can cause your allergies to act up, get you sick, or cause obnoxious odors. Air purifiers work to filter out all of these things from your home’s air, by either capturing or eliminating the particulates. Air purifiers achieve this by running the air in a room through different filters and systems, in order to provide you with fresh air, even when you’re indoors.

If you would like more information on what air purifiers are, and what air purifiers can do, check out our article on the subject! Air purifiers are fantastic little machines that can really benefit your health, and especially the health of seniors. 


Air purifiers are commonly used to help keep people’s seasonal allergies at bay. If you have allergies, or your children and grandchildren suffer from allergies, an air purifier can provide a breath of fresh air (our apologies for the pun). Air purifiers, especially units with HEPA air filters, do wonders with reducing allergens in the air.

Allergens like Pollen, pet dander, and dust can be filtered out with an air purifier. Again, HEPA air purifier filters are the best for this. They are proven to capture more than 99% of these particulates in the air. By removing these allergens, your itchy eyes, runny noses, coughing, and sneezing will be no more.

Air purifiers will work for you and your family day and night. Some of us are awakened because of the symptoms of your allergies. Having an air purifier in your bedroom would be a very good decision as well. Depending on the severity of your allergies (even your hay fever), it may be wise to invest in multiple air cleaning machines, which you can place in the various room where you spend the bulk of your day.


Air cleaners are a must in anyone’s home, and for seniors, it is even more important. As your health declines, your ability to fight off illnesses falls with it. Air purifiers help to both clean the air of allergens, and bacteria and viruses which are airborne. An air purifier is simply an addition to proper housekeeping. It scrubs the air you breathe, capturing everything in the air that you shouldn’t be breathing.

The proper air purifier can address most of the issues with the air quality in your home. If you live in a dry climate, it may be wise to invest in an air purifier with built-in humidifier. Likewise, if you live in a humid area, a dehumidifier may be necessary. It is recommended that you keep your home’s humidity around 30-50% for your health. Every step you make toward healthy air is all the more important to have air purifiers for seniors.

What Are the Benefits of Air Purifiers for Seniors? 1

If you’re curious what the air quality in your home is, then you’re in luck. AirThings’ Wave air quality sensor checks your home’s air for humidity and for radon, which is a radioactive gas.

They have other sensors that check for gasses called VOCs in addition to mold too, which can be super helpful.

If you’d like to check out one of these air sensors, you can visit AirThings’ store here. Be sure to use the code APE10-10OFF when you visit the above link to get 10 percent off your order.


Air purifiers can also work to clear out mold and fungus from the air, which is essential for keeping healthy. Some regions are plagued with mold and fungi, and the impact of these can be greatly increased if your home’s air is humid. Mold and fungi can cause an array of health issues, so we strongly recommend investing in an air purifier where these issues are common. However, there is no need to purchase an extravagant unit if you don’t have this issue, so know what you need before you make a purchase!

Some air purifiers are made to filter out smoke in the air, which can be a literal lifesaver to have air purifier for the elderly who live in an area that has a lot of smoke. Be it an industrial city, or Northern California where there are wildfires seemingly every year, an air purifier can make all the difference. Smoke, as can be expected, makes air harder to breathe, which can be dangerous in itself. Air purifiers made to address smoke can reduce these issues. But, if you are told to evacuate your home, be sure to do so, air purifiers don’t extinguish fires!

If you are on a tight budget, then there are countless air purifiers out there that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Keep in mind that these units will have less capabilities, but their price point can be very attractive. Portable air units can start under $20. Check out our article “Where Can I Find a Low Cost Air Purifier?” to find what you’ll need to look for in your air purifier.


Air purifiers clean the air in your home, which is commonly stale, and commonly has 2 to 5 times more pollutants than the air outside. Your home’s air is dirtier because of a lack of ventilation, which is common in our homes nowadays, which have a special interest in climate control. All of those fancy windows and doors which keep the weather and temperature out, also work to keep dirty air in.

By investing in an air purifier, you are capturing the dirty air, and that means you aren’t breathing it in. Cleaner air grants better health, which is ideal for those of us who are entering our golden years. The benefits of air purifiers for seniors clean out allergens, pathogens, and more, which translates to a happier retirement.

Creating an indoor environment for allergy sufferers, those with asthma triggers symptoms and have a susceptibility to germs, can be very difficult. Many of our homes have building materials and constant dust in the common air portions of the home. The goal is reducing the risks of lung conditions that may be currently causing breathing problems.

Air purifiers are also very effective at filtering out odors. In fact, many people purchase air purifiers for odor control specifically. The reason why air cleaners are so effective at odor mitigation is because the smells you smell are actually microscopic particles, which your nose can sense. Because odors are actually airborne particles, air purifiers can filter them out of the air, effectively eliminating them. For those of us who live in older homes with mysterious odors, this can be the best selling point of an air purifier. For more information, check out our article that answers the question of “Do I Need an Air Purifier?” 


To feel the greatest benefits of an air purifier, be it your own, your parents’ (or even grandparents’) machine, then it is best to use it in the room where you spend the bulk of your time. Most people incorrectly assume this is their living room or another communal space. In reality, it is likely your bedroom! 

Think about it, you spend about eight hours a night sleeping. That’s a third of your day! Check out our article on the top seven reasons to have an air purifier in your bedroom to see why you should have an air purifier in your bedroom.

Blueair 411 Air PurifierBlueair 411 Air Purifier Compact, affordable, and Energy Star-rated, it’s packed with efficient features to remove air pollutants in small rooms like bedrooms. One of the quietest air purifiers, it quickly removes odors, dust, and pet dander.

Order this air purifier from Amazon here.


Yes, and they do so very well indeed. Despite the fact that their work is commonly invisible to the naked eye, their work is no less valuable. Air purifiers capture these tiny particles and provide you with clean air you can breathe. Musty old homes, dust which seemingly never goes away, and pet dander are all problems that an air purifier can solve for you and your home. When I visit my parents home, sometimes I wish I had air fresheners to disperse throughout the house at my grandparents home. They always had strange odors that kind of scared me as a kid.

Forever odors and perpetual dust are no match against a good air purifier. And if you have any doubts in how well your air purifying unit is working, a quick check of your air filters will assure you of your machine’s good work. Before long, you will see lint caked onto your air purifier’s filters, which means all of that filth isn’t inside of you.



Hopefully, we’ve convinced you of the need for an air purifier by now, and you may have even done some research already too. Perhaps you’ve found a unit or two which caught your fancy. You have to be sure to buy the right machine, which addresses your specific needs. These needs include the size of the room, and what you intend to filter out.

Be sure to make a smart purchase! Think about what you, or your parents will need, and how they will benefit from having an air purifier! Check out our article that answers the question of “How Do I Find an Air Purifier Worth Buying” to see what you need to look for in an air purifier before you buy it.

You can buy an air purifier nearly anywhere worldwide. Be it online, or at a local retail store, you’ll have options in choosing the right air purifier. We recommend doing most of your research, and potentially even your final purchase online. This way you can see the largest variety of machines available for sale, in addition to customer reviews, which can be very insightful. These prices can be competitive, even shipped to your home, which benefits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Air Purifiers Work?

There are several different methods that are utilized in air purifiers, these include carbon filters and fabric filters, static electricity, screens, heat, UV light, and more. The air purifying machines run their surrounding air through themselves, sifting out all of the particulates in the air and capturing them. The resulting air that they release is freshly cleaned.

Where Should I Shop for an Air Purifier?

We recommend shopping online, regardless of where you plan to buy your actual air purifier. This is simply because of the fact that you will have the most exposure of every offer out there. Online stores also provide you with customer reviews, which can make all the difference on what your final decision may be.

What is an Ozone Generating Air Purifier?

These machines work like normal air purifiers, by with one major caveat, they also release a gas known as ozone. Small amounts of ozone are not dangerous, in fact, that clean smell you smell during a lightning storm is actually ozone! Air cleaners with ozone generators are great for sterilizing a room, but you had best keep the room vacated.

Do Air Purifiers Help Me with My Asthma?

Asthma attacks are commonly caused by dust and other particulates in the air entering an asthmatic person’s lungs, air purifiers remove these invisible hazards. By removing the microscopic matter from the air, the cleaners keep it out of one’s lungs, effectively stopping future asthma attacks. Respiratory conditions should always be considered so that increased risks of indoor air quality are not compromised. Air purifiers are commonly bought by people with any breathing difficulties to ensure easy breathing into the future.

Is it Worth it to Buy an Air Purifier?

It is very much worth it. Depending on the ailments that the air around you causes, an air purifier can actually save you money in the long run. Rather than buying medications to combat the results of breathing poor-quality air, you can clean the air itself! After buying an air purifier, you can literally come home and “take a breath of fresh air”. Even if you live in New York City!

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, and depending on the make and model that you are considering, they work very well! Air purifiers are great for dust control. In addition to combating your seasonal allergies, which you may have thought had no fix. No, air purifiers won’t cure you of allergies. But they will seemingly cure you while you are home, since all of your allergens have been pulled out of the air.

What is the Difference Between an Air Purifier vs. a Dehumidifier?

An air purifier does just that: it purifies the air. A dehumidifier on the other hand simply takes moisture out of the air. Dehumidifiers do help with allergies since many allergens thrive in humid areas, but they do not clean the air itself. There are air purifier machines with built-in dehumidifiers, which can equate to waging nuclear war with your allergens. These combo units will do wonders to your home’s air if you live in a humid area, or have humid rooms in your home (like a bathroom and kitchen). Air Purifiers for Seniors help with ease of breathing.

Are Air Purifiers a Waste of Money?

Not at all, unless you’re lucky enough to be living somewhere without any pollution. Air purifiers are a great investment! If you have any allergies, or even just dust in your home that you wish would just go away, and air purifier can solve your problems.

Can Wildfires Trigger Asthma Attacks?

Yes, they can, and they do. For those of us who have been in or near a forest fire, we know just how much smoke they belch out into the atmosphere. Even people miles away find themselves surrounded in smog from the flesh burning. The smoke from forest fires will seep into your home, and that is a nightmare for those of us with asthma. We strongly recommend purchasing an air purifier specialized for smoke. That is if you have asthma and live in a region with forest fires.

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