How Do I Deal with Marijuana Smoke? | Air Purifiers for Marijuana and Other Foul Smoke Odors

Marijuana and tobacco smoke are not something that a lot of us want in our homes. Not only does it smell bad, but there are dangers of secondhand smoke as well. If you have a neighbor or family member that smokes and you want to mitigate the scent, then we’ve got good news for you!

What Can I do to Combat Marijuana Smoke?

As you know, foul odors have a way of wafting into seemingly every room. Marijuana smoke, which seems to travel incredibly far, can be one of the most irritating of the kinds of smoke out there. No one likes the skunk-like scent permeating into the home, or into their bedrooms.

But there are some great methods out there to combat this kind of odors! The best option is to scrub the air clean of marijuana smoke with air filters and air purifiers.

Air purifiers can do absolute wonders to lessen and even remove marijuana smoke. Air purifiers are super effective at removing odors and smoke from the air in your homes, offices, and even your cars. Even cheap, non-HEPA filters can help to get rid of foul odors in your home, but HEPA filters, carbon filters, and even water filters are even better at scrubbing your air clean.

Air Filters for Cigarette Smoke and Marijuana Smoke

There are three great filters that you can and should use to take care of unwanted smoke in your home. These include HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and even water ones.

HEPA filters are some of the best air filters out there. They are designed to capture even the tiniest particles in the air–particles so small that you can’t see them. Because they are designed to do that, they’re actually super effective at getting rid of odors and smoke too!

Activated carbon is another air filter out there that’ll help you in your fight against unwanted marijuana smoke. Activated carbon is used to mitigate all odors and this is its primary purpose, so odors like that of marijuana smoke will be easily dealt with with these filters.

Water is actually a super effective air filter! Yes, that liquid you drink and wash your hands with can cleanse the air you’re breathing. Water is great at grabbing stuff out of the air, so smoke isn’t going to get by this life-saving liquid very easy!

What Air Purifier Should I Get to Reduce Marijuana Smoke?

Best case scenario, we recommend finding an air purifier that has both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to deal with marijuana smoke and other unwanted odors. This is a very common combination in machines that should not be too hard to find if you shop around.

We know that it can be daunting to look at all of the different options out there, so we’ve done a lot of research for you. Depending on what room you’re trying to keep the air clean in, we’ve got some machines for you!

Living room/Kitchen

Kitchen and living rooms are the larger rooms that you’ll have in your house. Air purifiers are built for different size rooms, so larger rooms will require air purifiers that are made for rooms that size.

Here are our favorite picks for the larger rooms in your home:

SilverOnyx Air Purifier for Home
Air purifiers with activated carbon filters are ideal for dealing with odors and smoke. The SilverOnyx air purifier is great at combatting marijuana smoke odors.

This air purifier is an awesome one that we love.

What’s it got?

  • A True HEPA Filter
  • An Activated Carbon Filter
  • An Air Ionizer
  • A UV Sanitizer
  • Air Quality Monitor (it will automatically turn on when it senses that it needs to turn on)
  • A Pre-Filter (Extends the life of your main filter)

This air purifier will do amazing at combatting smoke. How do we know? Well, we were caught in some historic forest fires and this air purifier combatted the indoor smoke 24/7. So, yeah, we love this one for a really good reason.

We might add that you have color options with this air purifier. You can select between black, silver, and white for this air purifier, which isn’t always an option with these machines.

TaoTronics HEPA Air Purifier for Home
The TaoTronics air purifier's HEPA and carbon filters are ideal to remove unwanted marijuana smoke.

This air purifier is a bit cheaper than the above option, and lots of its owners have loved it.

What’s it got?

  • A HEPA Filter (Not as good as a True HEPA filter but still very good.)
  • An Activated Carbon Filter
  • A Pre-Filter (Extends main filter life)

This air purifier does not have a UV sanitizer, so it doesn’t have the ability to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, or mold, like the above option. It does not have a sensor to turn on and off as required either, so you have to turn it on yourself whenever you want/need it. This air cleaner is cheaper because it lacks the UV sanitizer which is commonly very pricey.

Here we’ll add that you have just two color options, black and white.

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home
If you're looking for an air purifier to get rid of marijuana smoke, the LEVOIT air purifier might just be the perfect machine for you!

This last air purifier for larger rooms is another great machine that’s loved by its owners.

What’s it got?

  • A True HEPA Filter
  • An Activated Carbon Filter
  • A Pre-Filter (Extends main filter life)

As with the above air purifier, this one doesn’t have a UV sanitizer or an air quality sensor either. If you’re worried about germs in the air that you’re breathing then you’ll want to choose the SilverOnyx air purifier we recommended.

You can have a white or grey machine here.

Bedroom/Bathroom/Home Office

Bedrooms are where we spend most of our time when we’re at home! We spend a total of about a third of our lives sleeping, so keep that in mind before you opt to not buy an air purifier for that room!

Your home office is probably another spot where you’ll be spending a lot of your time, so that’s another spot where you’ll want to have an air purifier if you can get one.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices are all usually smaller rooms. Smaller rooms require air purifiers that are rated for smaller areas, which means that they’re usually cheaper.

THE THREE MUSKETEERS III M Mini Portable Air Purifier
Looking for a cheap air purifier that can help with marijuana smoke and other unwanted odors? The Three Musketeers air purifier might just be the perfect match for you!

This is an awesome air purifier that we’ve purchased several units of for the smaller rooms in our house.

What’s it got?

  • It’s Super affordable!
  • A HEPA Filter
  • An Activated Carbon Filter
  • A Pre-Filter (Extends main filter life, the body serves as the pre-filter.)

The biggest selling point for this air purifier is its affordability in our eyes. It is a great air filter too, but its affordability is what won us over in the beginning.

PARTU HEPA Air Purifier
Partu's air purifier can cleanse your home's air of marijuana smoke odors.

Here’s an air purifier that is super popular and well-loved by its owners.

What’s it got?

  • A HEPA Filter
  • An Activated Carbon Filter
  • A Pre-Filter (Extends main filter life)
  • A “Fragrance Sponge” (Lets you use it as an essential oil diffuser)

This machine is a bit costlier than the abovementioned one. It has more options for what you can do with it, however, so you have more freedom to use this machine how you like.


As you can see, there are a bunch of air purifiers out there. This is a collection of our favorite picks for marijuana smoke and other unwanted odors, but you can shop around on your own as well. All of these units have HEPA filters and activated carbon filters which makes them ideal for taking care of smoke.

Water-based air purifiers can also work to combat smoke and they can double as oil diffusers as well, so you might want to check out our favorite water-based air revitalizer here. This machine will also take care of smoke in your home, so it might be a good option for you!

Other Ways to Keep Smoke from Entering your Home

While we highly recommend getting an air purifier for you home, there are additional steps that you can take to keep the unwanted smoke from entering your home or apartment in the first place.

Beyond the obvious steps to keep the smoke from entering your home like shutting your windows and doors, there are less obvious options.

The main option that we’ve heard does wonders is actually rather neat! This option entails putting HEPA filters in your home’s vents and replacing your home furnace’s filter with a HEPA filter as well. These filters aren’t too expensive and they serve to keep the unpleasant marijuana smoke odors from entering your home through your HVAC system. Since this system pulls in air from the air outside it serves as a prime spot for the odors to enter your house. By installing better filters on this system it reduces the amount of smoke that enters your home through your vents.

Another option that we’ve heard of is putting an air filter over a box fan and cycling the air through that. This is essentially a Jerry-rigged air purifier, but they don’t look too pretty. That being said, they work well enough if you’re using them for an emergency like we had to do when we had our wildfires this past summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Water-Based Air Purifiers Filter Marijuana Smoke?

Yes! These machines are great at filtering smoke, but you’ll probably want to clean your machine a little more often than is recommended if there’s a lot of smoke in the air.

What Kinds of Filters Help with Smoke?

HEPA filters and water-based filters are great at combatting smoke, but activated carbon filters are the best at it. It is preferable to get an air purifier that has a HEPA filter and activated carbon filter if smoke is a concern of yours.

Can I Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Marijuana Smoke?

Essential oils don’t remove odors and smoke, but they can mask them. If you’re a fan of essential oils and you’re trying to combat foul odors, then we recommend using a water-based air purifier and adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil to that. Here’s a link to our favorite water air revitalizer!

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