Air Purifier Essentials Top Picks: Best HEPA Air Purifiers on the Market

Here are all the air purifiers with HEPA filters that I recommend currently. I’m constantly adding and removing air purifiers as time goes on.

For Bathrooms

Three Musketeers Air Purifier

Filters: Activated Carbon, True HEPA
Coverage Area: 161 Square Feet

This air purifier is one that I’ve been using for a few years now, I love it. I used to have it on my bedside table, but it works better for me in my bathroom.

Its activated carbon filter and HEPA filter are a must for bathrooms.

It’s one of the cheapest air purifiers on the market that’s actually worth buying.

You can pick it up on Amazon here.

For Bedrooms

Levoit Air Purifier

Filters: Activated Carbon, True HEPA, Pre-Filter
Coverage Area: 161 Square Feet

This air purifier is one that I’ve been using for a while now, and it’s one of my newest favorites. I use it in my bedroom and recommend it to family and friends all the time.

It works great at cleaning the air, it’s quiet enough to sleep with, and it doesn’t have an annoyingly bright light to keep you up at night.

It also has a sponge on top of it that you can put essential oils in, which is super cool.

You can pick it up on Amazon here.

For Mid-Size Rooms

Silver Onyx Air Purifier

Filters: Activated Carbon, True HEPA, Pre-Filter, UV Sanitizer, Ionizer
Coverage Area: 500 Square Feet

This air purifier is one that I actually gave to my sister and brother-in-law to help with their allergies. It was initially meant to help with pollen, but it got a trial by fire when they had a wildfire sweep through the area. This air purifier really cut down on the smoke in their home, which was an impressive feat!

This air purifier has lots of extras too, which is great. It’s got a sanitizer, ionizer, and tons of other cool things on it!

You can pick it up on Amazon here.

For Large Rooms

EnviroKlenz Air Purifier

Filters: Earth Minerals (better than activated carbon), True HEPA, UV Sanitizer
Coverage Area: 1000 Square Feet

This air purifier is an absolute behemoth, and it’s my all-time favorite air purifier at the moment.

It’s the best air purifier I’ve got when it comes down to cleaning the air and making it smell good.

This air purifier is built for rooms up to 1000 square feet, which makes it perfect for this tier of room sizes.

I’m serious, this is the best air purifier I’ve ever used.

It can sanitize the air, remove odors, and it’s got a HEPA filter that lasts two years!

Click here to get it straight from the manufacturer. (Comes with a 5-year warranty.)
Or, you can pick it up on Amazon here.

Additional Top Picks

Now, I’ve been around the block more than a few times now with air purifiers, so I know a good company when I see one!

Now, you’re probably wondering “What constitutes a good company in your eyes?” Well, here are some things I look for:

  • Air Purifier Price
  • Air Purifier Operation Cost (Electricity and replacement filters)
  • Air Purifier Quality and Effectiveness
  • Company Longevity (Will they be around when you need a replacement filter? On top of that, what’s their track record?)
  • And I Look at the Company too–I don’t want to support a bad company.

To finish off that little list, I’d like to add that all the air purifiers and companies that I recommend are ones that I recommend in real life to my friends and family. They’ve all loved their machines as much as I have.

With all of that in mind, I’ve got a lineup of air purifier companies that I highly recommend. I’ve also negotiated a deal with one of them! (Hopefully, I’ll be adding more as time goes on.)


Medify is a company that has been making air purifiers for years, and their air purifiers are some of the best ones on the market for their price point (middle-of-the-road prices–they charge a happy medium).

I’ve been working with Medify for a while now, and I really appreciate their company, and their products. As I already said, they’ve got some amazing air purifiers. Better still, these air purifiers aren’t insanely expensive like some companies’ machines.

Medify has quite a few air purifiers that they make that are made for a wide assortment of room sizes–that means that you’ll be able to find an air purifier that’s made for rooms like yours! 🙂

Now, Medify has a sweet deal for all of you, should you choose to accept them. (Sorry, I had to make a Mission Impossible reference there!) This sweet deal is 10-15 percent off your order when you pick up a bundle of several air purifiers! You can check out the bundle deal via this link here, which takes you to their site.

As I’ve said many times before, it’s important to have more than just one air purifier in your home if you want to have the cleanest possible air. If you’ve only got one air purifier, then you’re only cleaning the air in one room! That’s why I love how Medify has the bundles.

Now, if you aren’t in the market for a bundle, then you can shop around Medify’s store here, but you won’t get the discounted rate that you get when buying a bundle.


Levoit is another air purifier manufacture that I’ve really enjoyed. I love their units, I like their filters, and I like their price. Levoit is a lot like Medify–they charge a medium price for some very good air purifiers.

I’ve been using my Levoit air purifier for some time now, and am very pleased. Their units are hearty and work great.

Like Medify, Levoit has lots of air purifiers for several different sized rooms. You can shop around to find the one that’s made for a room your size.

Now, I don’t have any special deals for all of you for Levoit, so I’ll just direct you to the company’s Amazon page and here are some other links to some of their more popular units:

Again, this isn’t all the air purifiers that they have, it’s just a few of their bestsellers.

And that’s it for my recommended companies. As I find more, I’ll recommend them too!

Jonathon Silva

Jonathan Silva is our longtime Air Purifier Essentials author. He has been writing on air purification technologies for his entire professional career.

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