Why Should I Read Air Purifier Consumer Reports and Air Purifier Customer Reviews?

Why Should I Read Air Purifier Consumer Reports and Air Purifier Customer Reviews?


Did you know you can actually reduce the risk of making a big, first time purchase? If you didn’t, you’re in for a surprise. Feedback for air purifiers provided by previous air purifier customer reviews tells you just how well the machine you’re looking at buying will work. These reviews also tell you how the previous shoppers liked the services they received through the process.

What’s the point of reading consumer reports for air purifiers? The air purifier customer reviews provide you, someone who is considering making a purchase, and inside look into how that purchase impacted the previous customer.

Customer Feedback on air purifiers is just as important as the consumer reports for the latest sports car you’ve been eyeing. They tell you exactly what you’re getting, and the impact the purchase will make before you even see the machine!

If you’re a first-time buyer for anything, you’ll instantly want to know more than what the company is telling you. You’ll want to hear the nitty-gritty dirty little secrets that a manufacturer may not be telling you. But, where would you find that?

The internet and many retail stores have thought of this and now provide you with access to air purifier customer reviews, which tell you exactly what you want to know, and even some things you didn’t know that you needed to know. All of this information is usually very unbiased, as the manufacturer isn’t paying the consumer to just tell you the best things. These reviews and reports are made by people like you and me!

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Consumer reports usually provide you with detailed reviews on several different air cleaning machines. This fact, makes your air purifier market research so much easier, because someone has already done the work, and pulled everything together already! Consumer reports for air purifiers are all over the internet, and they normally cover a massive amount of information. They will likely tell you how they tested each machine, how the company communicated with them, and other information like that. More often than not, these are very detailed reviews, which chase every rabbit and kick every dog.

Consumer reports are made by people who review things for a living, and they are often experts at doing so. Sometimes they are also written by your everyday consumer as well though. Either way, these reports are very much invaluable, as they truly do cover everything that they believe you, a prospective consumer, may be interested in knowing.


Customer Feedback and Customer Reviews make up the other side of the coin for making an informed decision on your new air purifier. These are made by everyday people, who know exactly what they are and are not happy with. You’re more likely to jive with, and understand what they are saying that you would with some of the consumer reports out there. Rather than be bored with what a consumer report for air purifiers may go too far into detail with, customer reviews are commonly more straightforward, and plainly written. These reviews are less likely to get caught up in boring details, losing you as a consumer report continues lolling onward.

You have plenty of places to find information out there and find out just how every purifier worked for each person. Consumer Reports can alert you to what air purifier is the best, and customer reviews will verify such claims. Both types of feedback will tell you just which purifiers are worth buying, and which ones you had best avoid. These findings are well worth the time you put in researching the various technologies. You won’t be making an uninformed purchase.


Both consumer reports and reviews on air purifiers will be easiest to access online. You can find consumer reports by just making a query on the internet (i.e. just type in “air purifier consumer reports”), you may want to include specifics, like a specific brand, if you want specific reports.

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Finding customer feedback for air purifiers may be more time intensive, but we find that these reviews are commonly more helpful. You can look up something along the lines of “air purifier customer reviews” or just “air purifier reviews” to find all of the information you are looking for. These methods will likely give you everything you desire, but it may also be like trying to drink out of a fire hose. We prefer using specific online retailers and simply looking up the review section for each air purifier we are interested in. This permits you access to reviews for the exact air purifier, and the customer’s experience buying off of that specific retail site.

If you would like more information on finding an air purifier that is worth buying, see our article on the subject! This article will help guide you as you make your final purchase.

Air purifiers take out numerous things from the air you breathe which can be harmful to your health. This may include particulates that come from car’s tailpipes and airborne pathogens, or just dust and pollen. Air purifiers do this by running the ambient air of your room through themselves, and
send out fresh, clean air. One air purifier type that we find makes the air super refreshing is called an “air revitalizer” or “water-based air purifier”. They use water as their main filter, which is super cool. Air purifiers work under the concept of capturing and/or eliminating particulates in the air, which can be dangerous to breathe.

Most air purifiers use air filters to screen out the particulates in the air, which includes many allergens. If you are using an air purifier to combat your allergies, it is recommended to purchase an air purifier that uses a HEPA filter.

Air purifiers are remarkable machines, and there is a lot to learn about them. If you’d like to learn more, check out our article entitled What is an Air Purifier and What do Air Purifiers Do? for a deeper look into the world of air purifiers. 

To see an even more in-depth answer to what air purifiers do, please see our article. This post focuses on the question of Do air purifiers really work? It will also give you quite a few more details on what air purifiers do and what they are capable of as it fully addresses the question of if air purifiers work (which they do).


What are the benefits of clean air? Air purifiers clean the stale air that is locked within the walls of your house. By doing so, they are clearing the various airborne particles in the air that you cannot always see. These particles include dust, which is the bane to any clean freak’s home. Other particulates that air purifiers sift out of the air are germs, viruses, mold pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. Specialized air purifiers even take on mold spores and smoke.

Many people put their air purifiers in their bedrooms, since this is where everyone spends about a third of their day sleeping. By running your air purifier where you spend most of your day, you will feel the greatest benefits in owning an air purifier. See our article on the benefits of having an air purifier in your bedroom here.

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Improved health is the benefit that comes with clean air. No longer do you have to suffer through your allergies if you have an air purifier fighting your battle. Air purifiers also combat odors which is great for rooms that seemingly always have an odd smell (I’m talking to you, people with old houses). Think of an air purifier as a vacuum for your home’s air. You wouldn’t even consider owning a home if you didn’t have one to help you clean your daily messes. Air purifiers clean the air, just like your vacuum cleans your carpet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, and depending on the make and model that you are considering, they work very well! Air purifiers are great for dust control, in addition to combating your seasonal allergies. No, air purifiers won’t cure you of allergies, but they will seemingly cure you while you are home, since all of your allergens have been pulled out of the air.

What is the Difference Between an Air Purifier vs. a Dehumidifier?

An air purifier does just that: it purifies the air. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, simply takes moisture out of the air. Dehumidifiers do help with allergies since many allergens thrive in humid areas, but they do not clean the air itself. There are air purifier machines with built-in dehumidifiers, which can equate to waging nuclear war with your allergens. These combo units will do wonders to your home’s air if you live in a humid area. Or if you have humid rooms in your home (like a bathroom and kitchen).

Do Air Purifiers Help with Allergies?

YES! Many people who buy air purifiers do so simply to fight off their allergies. Air purifiers grant people who are plagued with allergies a places of refuge. You can finally recuperate after particularly nasty times. We recommended that you pay a little extra and buy an air purifier with HEPA filters to combat your allergies.

Where Can I Find Air Purifiers for Sale?

Air purifiers are sold just about everywhere these days. You can find air purifiers online or in many home improvement and department stores. You can even buy used units online, or at garage sales.

Are Air Purifiers a Waste of Money?

Not at all, unless you’re lucky enough to be living somewhere without any pollution. Air purifiers are a great investment! If you have any allergies, or even just dust in your home that you wish would just go away. An air purifier can solve your problems.

Where Should I Put My Air Purifier?

It is best to put your air purifier wherever you spend the bulk of your time. Many people find this to be their living room, bedroom, or home office. You can even get air purifiers for your workplace. A maze of cubicles, the local gym, or an old building whose smells make you wonder if you’re getting cancer.

Can Air Purifiers Take Care of Cat Hair?

Yes, air purifiers take care of cat hair, dog hair, and hare hair! They can capture stuff a lot smaller than that too, including pet dander. Air purifiers also freshen up your home’s air, cutting down on common odors that plague pet owner’s homes. Now you can have your furry family members indoors and not have to worry about what guests will smell.

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