Air Purifier Buying Guide: How do I Find an Air Purifier Worth Buying?

Air Purifier Buying Guide: How do I Find an Air Purifier Worth Buying?

Air Purifier Buying Guide

Air purifiers come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose-quite simply, they clean the air you breathe! This air purifier buying guide will help you make the right decision in your search, and may even influence you into purchasing one and investing into your health and well-being!

We have all gone out on a limb and made a purchase we quickly regretted, and that was most likely because you didn’t “do your homework” on the purchase. We hope that we can guide you to make the perfect decision in your quest for your ideal air cleaning machine, which could make living a whole lot easier for you.

Your first step in this air purifier guide quite simply is looking up a few of the options out there! You can do this the “old fashioned way” and drive all the way to the store, or you can do it online. We recommend searching online, as this will likely save you time and money, and because we have already done some of the work for you! (Read on to find our market research) We will walk you through your proverbial “homework” below, ensuring that you find the best air purifier on the market for you, and your needs.

Are Air Purifiers Expensive?

Buying an air purifier may seem like a daunting task, after all, they can be very expensive! On top of that, most everyone is a novice when it comes to buying an air purifier for their home or office, after all, most of the time you’re a first-time buyer! It’s a whole new world for you! But we aren’t here to scare you, we are here to coach you through into greatness.

Perhaps you bought the cheapest option on the market and found a lack of quality. Conversely, you may have found yourself with the most expensive item one way or another, and suffered a blow to your nest egg. Maybe you bought something just because of its looks and found out that “the looks” was about all that your purchase provided. We all know we’ve done something like this in the past, we are only human. We are here to help you think twice before making a leap in the wrong direction.

If you’d like to read up on one of the best air purifiers out there that isn’t insanely expensive, we recommend you check out our article on Blueair’s Blue line of air purifiers here.


As we already discussed, it is very important to study up on selecting the best air purifier for your bedroom, your allergies, or the pollution outside. By doing your research online, you are quickly able to see what the air purifier you’re looking at can do (known as the specifications or specs).

You can also find Customer Reviews online, which can save you from making a bad decision. We recommend finding a purifier with several reviews, in the 4-5 star range, but feel free to live adventurously! There are lost of machines out there, ranging from the cheapest ones out there (hey, you gotta start somewhere), to the costliest (in case you win the lottery… feel free to send something our way!)

Read several reviews, product listings, and even manufacturer or store information before you spend too much on an air cleaning unit. All of this information will ensure that you really know what you are walking into! One reviewer may tell you that the unit makes an annoying squeak, which would drive you bonkers, and drive you away from that machine. See our article on the importance of reading reviews on your purchases!

Perhaps the listing tells you that the unit has a lifetime warranty, which we personally find the most value in. The manufacturer or store info may just lead you to find a business that supports your values or offers the best customer support. Knowledge is power… So go and become powerful!

Keep In Mind: Price. Needs. Quality. Space.

There are several factors to keep in mind when you consider your purchase, here are the top four we thought may help:

Price-What can you budget?

Needs-Why do you need to purify your air? (Allergies, Pets, Smoke, etc.)

Quality-How well does your machine need to do, and how long do you need it to run?

Space-How big is the room you will have your air purifier in?

The Three Musketeers Air Purifier is a great, cheap option that has activated carbon and HEPA filters.

Want to buy a nifty, easy to use air purifier with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter?

This Three Musketeers air purifier is a favorite of mine and I’ve bought a couple since it’s so cheap and works so well for small rooms like a bedroom or home office.

Check it’s current price on Amazon here.


honeywell air purifier

As you do your research, you will find countless makes (manufacturers that build air purifiers for your home and office), and models (different styled units with different specs). Some of these will likely have filters, which may need to be cleaned or replaced every so often, which is an added expense. You will have to see how often the filter needs replaced and see if you can afford to do that. Added expenses do add up, so be wary of this fact and do some quick math! 

Basic Equation To Help Determine Sizing

(Times Replaced Every Year) x (Cost of Filter) x (Years)

Here’s an example of this equation filled out:

If the filter needs changing once a month, and each filter costs $5 and is used for 1 year

(12) x (5) x (1) = $75

At 75 dollars per year, it may be cheaper to buy a filterless air purifier, but we do recommend doing the math to find out if this is the case. We also recommend buying filters in bulk in order to get the most out of every hard earned dollar, as this will reduce your costs. We suggest avoiding air purifier units that require changing out many filters, as the filter cost can become burdensome. In addition to the cost, it is just another chore for us to forget. A dirty filter would render your air cleaner essentially useless, wasting even more of your money.

All of this being said, there are many air purifiers out there which do not require many air filter replacements, some only need a new filter once every five years, which can be very economical. Many of these longer-life air filters come with washable pre-filters, which we strongly recommend, simply because of their cost savings.

There’s a lot to consider when you are looking to buy an air purifier. Some of us like running all of the numbers beforehand, so here’s a link to our article that has what you will need to run your own numbers. This article will allow you to look further into the various costs, and opportunities to save money on your new air purifier.



We recommend finding yourself an air cleaning machine that has a HEPA filter in it. These filters do come at an added cost, but they are often some of the best at cleaning the air of your home. HEPA air filters have to meet standards set in place by the Department of Energy. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting essentially, this is just a fancy way of saying that it really captures everything in the air. 

See our article on the importance of air purifier filters, as this will give you the most information we have on the subject. This post will tell you a bit about several common types of air filters, and the perks of each one. It also goes into deeper detail on HEPA filters, and why these filters are so much better than the other filter types on the market.  


By now, we hope you’ve done some shopping around and found a few air cleaning machines that are of interest to you. If you haven’t done so yet, we know you’ve at least seen the few that we provided, which is still advantageous to you. Either way, you may be ready to step into better health and make your purchase. Air cleaners are literally sold worldwide so you won’t have any difficulty finding one for sale.

Most large stores have at least a limited selection of air cleaners for home and office. These stores may include retail tech stores, home improvement stores, and department stores, but there’s plenty of other “brick and mortar” store options out there. You can also cut out the middleman and find factories that sell directly to consumers, which is rare but can save you a lot. We prefer the online marketplaces out there because they provide the most options, have competitive pricing, and they ship straight to your home! Write down info from this Air Purifier Buying Guide when you are ready to purchase.

For those of us who are buying larger units, the shipping option can be a lifesaver. That being said, home delivery is commonly an option at retail stores as well nowadays, all you have to do is ask!

If you’d like to support us, please be sure to shop for air purifiers on Amazon via this link here!


Now that you’ve been introduced to the air purifier buying process, we would like to encourage you to shop on! If anyone asks, you can tell them you are doing research, and sound smart, and industrious! Affordability is a must to many of us, but don’t let that dictate your decision too much. Write down info from this Air Purifier Buying Guide when you are ready to purchase.

Know that performance is equally as important when looking for your air purifier, you don’t want to buy a cheap one that doesn’t solve any of your problems. Sacrifice a few of your favorite coffees over the next few months if you must, because your health is more important. After all, the healthier you are, the longer you live. The longer you live, the more coffee you get to drink!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Air Purifiers do?

Air purifiers take out numerous things from the air you breath which can be harmful to your health. This may include particulates that come from car’s tailpipes, or airborne pathogens, or just dust and pollen. Depending on what you are susceptible to, air purifiers can be your fix!

Why Should I Buy an Air Purifier?

Why shouldn’t you? (We jest)

This truly depends on where you live, and your health needs. We highly recommend using an air purifier to those of us who live in cities and suburbs in order to combat all of the gross stuff in the air around us. We also recommend purchasing one if you suffer Every. Single. Snotty. Spring Fever in agony as you (literally) blow your way through boxes of tissues.

Is it Worth it to Buy an Air Purifier?

It is very much worth it. Depending on the ailments that the air around you causes, an air purifier can actually save you money in the long run. Rather than buying medications to combat the results of breathing poor-quality air, you can clean the air itself! After buying an air purifier, you can literally come home and “take a breath of fresh air” even if you live in New York City! Write down info from this Air Purifier Buying Guide when you are ready to purchase.

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