What Are the Top 7 Proven Reasons to Have an Air Purifier in my Bedroom?

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What Are the Top 7 Proven Reasons to Have an Air Purifier in my Bedroom?

Air purifiers are amazing machines that cleanse the air of both harmful and irritating particles. They are important to have, since homes are known to have a lot more pollution within their walls than the outside world.

There are several reasons to have an air purifier in my bedroom, and these reasons depend upon your specific needs. Here are the top three reasons to have an air purifier in your bedroom:

You spend most of your time in your bedroom! (About 8 hours)

Your bedroom can be chock full of allergens and VOCs.

Your bedroom can have annoying odors that make it hard to sleep.

Air purifiers are a great addition to most every home. But you may be wondering why you need one in your bedroom. After all, you’re asleep, right? Today, we hope to show you why it is so important to have your machine where you sleep. 

If you aren’t at work, odds are you are either out and about, or somewhere at home. Many people spend the bulk of their waking-(at home)-hours in communal areas in their homes, like their dining room or living room. Because of this, many people only think about putting an air purifier in that particular room.

However, this option may not be the most beneficial to you. After all, you only spend a few hours of every day in these communal areas. Although those two to four hours may be beneficial to you, you’ll feel an even better result if you had your air purifier in a different room. 

Bedroom Sleeping

The room you’ll have the best results with is actually your bedroom! This may strike you as odd, at least at first, but let us explain ourselves. You likely spend around eight hours every day in your bedroom, fast asleep. This is likely at least double what you spend in any other room of your home! 

You may still be thinking “Why does this matter, I’m asleep?” As true as this is, we have a counter: “Are you breathing when you’re asleep?” (The answer is yes) So, since you’re breathing your bedroom’s air longer than you breathe the air of any other room, it would be wise to get an air purifier in my bedroom. 

In case we haven’t convinced you quite yet, we compiled a list of reasons for having an air purifier in your bedroom!

Air Purifier in my bedroom


  • You spend most of your life in your bedroom! 

Most people spend about a third of their day sleeping (which is 8 hours). There are few other places where you spend that much time in one place! Because you spend the bulk of your time in your bedroom, you also spend most of your time breathing there as well. The effects of an air purifier are best felt when they are used in the room you spend most of your time, which consequently is your bedroom!

  • Your bedroom is full of allergens!

Your bedroom is both a breeding ground and a trap for countless allergens. These allergens include things like dust mites (which feed off of your dead skin), dust pollen, pollen, dander, and even mold spores. If you have allergy and asthma, or your spouse does, a proper portable air purifier can help you rest easy and improve your indoor air quality!

  • Your bedroom is full of VOCs!

In addition to your room being full of allergens, there is also another, more dangerous thing floating around in your bedroom. This dangerous “thing” in the air is known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are airborne chemicals, that are released by just about everything we have in our modern society. Be it cleaning products, or even your mattress and paint, seemingly everything releases VOCs into your home’s air. 

  • Your bedroom can have strange odors of its own.

Bedrooms, like every room, can develop a strange odor of their own over time. Whether this issue is due to its occupant (like a teen who won’t clean their room), the home’s age, cigarette smoke, or your neighbor’s stinky air wafting in, quiet air purifiers can help to cleanse the air of these odors. Find a bedroom air purifier with an activated carbon filter in order to address this issue!

  • Your bedroom can have moisture issues.

Moisture issues commonly reveal themselves with mold, mildew, and fungi. All three of these moisture-related issues can be irritating at best, and dangerous at their worst. In addition to these three issues, high levels of moisture can even make your bedroom more appealing to pests like bedbugs! An air purifier with either a built-in dehumidifier, or just a standalone dehumidifier may be your best course of action here. 

  • You (or your spouse) may be a snorer.

Believe it or not, air purifiers can actually reduce snoring! This is likely enough of a selling point for someone who has been woken up, or kept up due to their spouse’s snoring. One of the main causes of snoring is actually allergens, which cause congestion, resulting in snoring. It will likely take some time before you see any results, however. 

  • Air purifiers can help you sleep!

There are quite a few reasons behind this, one being the fact that clean air helps everyone sleep, and another being the fact that a bit of white noise (i.e. the unit’s fan working) also helps people sleep. By improving indoor air quality, your sleep quality can be quickly felt by just about everyone, which makes this one of the most compelling reasons for getting an air purifier! We truly saved the best for last here!

These are the top seven reasons that we think make the best case for putting your air purifier in your bedroom. There are countless other reasons, many of which are very good, but may be more specific to an individual’s needs. We hope this list was insightful, and helped you in your decision!

Check out our post on the benefits of having an air purifier in your bedroom for more reasons to sleep with these units nearby! Air purifiers can make the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep for a lot of people. Air cleaning and air purification improves your sleep quality, and white noise that can lull you to sleep, air purifiers are a great addition to anyone’s bedroom.

What Are the Top 7 Proven Reasons to Have an Air Purifier in my Bedroom? 1

Here’s one of the best air purifiers on the market today for bedrooms.

This air purifier is made by a company called Blueair and their air purifiers are some of the most effective and most capable machines out there.

You can order this air purifier from Amazon here.


When you start looking for an air purifier for your bedroom, there are a few things you need to really look for. We highly recommend getting an air purifier that (at the very least) has a HEPA filter. Other things we recommend your air purifier to have include an activated carbon filter, and at least an option for the machine to run quietly. Finally, it may prove to be a great cost-saving for you to find a machine with a pre-filter. 

First and foremost, the HEPA filtration is just about a requirement. These filters will clean your air a lot more than any other filter on the market, and cleanse the air of some really small particles that few other filters can address. The HEPA filter will help you if you have allergies, and help you get a better quality of sleep, since your bedroom’s air will be a lot cleaner. 

Activated Carbon Filter

Next up is an activated carbon filter. These filters will work to address odors, which includes your dirty laundry that you can’t take care of until the weekend. These odors also include cooking odors, and odors from smoke, both of which can make your night’s sleep subpar. Activated charcoal filters also work to address the VOCs in your bedroom. VOCs can (and do) cause a lot of diseases later in life, including cancer, so it is wise to keep them at bay. 

To learn more about air purifier filters, check out our post on the importance of air filters! There are lots of filters on the market, and they oftentimes have different levels of effectiveness! A HEPA filter, for example, has several different levels of purification, with a True HEPA filter being the best.

Peace and Quiet

Finally, we recommend finding a unit that runs quietly. Few air purifiers make so much noise that you won’t be able to fall asleep, but it may still be preferable to find a unit that is extra-quiet. Fortunately, most air purifiers run non-stop, so their constant drone will likely provide just enough white noise to lull you to sleep.

On the optional end of the spectrum, are extras like a pre-filter. A pre-filter is usually a washable or cheap replaceable filter that works to greatly extend the lifespan of your costlier main filter. This can save you a lot of money down the road, so we highly recommend it. Pre-filters are especially important for people who have pets, as the pet hair clogs filters very quickly.


When you are buying an air purifier for your bedroom, you need to keep in mind the square footage of your bedroom! In addition to this, you need to make sure you buy a unit with essential features that takes care of your specific needs such as airborne particles, a variable fan speed, and prices ranging in your comfort zone. If you don’t keep these things in mind, you won’t get an air purifier that will take care of your needs!

Square Footage

Square footage is definitely a biggie, when it comes to buying the right air purifier. You can’t buy a unit that isn’t rated for a room that is a lot smaller than your bedroom, or else you won’t see/feel the results of your purchase.

In fact, we recommend purchasing an air purifier in my bedroom that is rated for a room a bit larger than your bedroom. We recommend this because it will allow you to run your unit on a low setting as you sleep, while still getting very clean air. This isn’t required, but it is nice, at the lowest setting on air purifiers is usually a lot quieter noise levels than their higher settings.

For a step by step on measuring your room’s square footage, check out our post that takes you on a step-by-step journey through your calculation. This post on running numbers also walks you through other calculations you may want to run through before making your purchase. These include the cost of filter replacements and your energy costs as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Put My Air Purifier?

It is best to put your air purifiers for pet wherever you spend the bulk of your time. Many people find this to be their living room, bedroom, or home office. You can even get air purifiers for your workplace, be it a maze of cubicles, the local gym, or an old building whose smells make you wonder if you’re getting cancer. Many times we want the outdoor air smell brought into our home.

Can Air Purifiers Take Care of Cat Hair?

Yes, air purifiers take care of cat hair, dog hair, and hare hair! They can capture stuff a lot smaller than that too, including pet dander. Air purifier in my bedroom also freshen up your home’s air, cutting down on common odors that plague pet owner’s homes. Now you can have your furry family members indoors and not have to worry about what guests will smell.

Why Don’t Normal Air Purifiers Capture VOCs?

VOCs are gasses, which means they are a lot smaller than the particles that even a HEPA filter can capture. VOCs have to be captured with impregnated carbon filters, which have special chemicals embedded into their structure so that they can deal specifically with VOCs. 

Are Air Purifiers Useful?

Yes, air purifiers are very useful, and their various applications cover a

They can help people who have asthma, allergies, compromised immune systems, sick babies, smokers in the house, and so much more! As noted above, you can purchase these purifiers online or at home improvement stores.

Where Should I Shop for an Air Purifier? 

We recommend shopping online, regardless of where you plan to buy your actual indoor air purifier. This is simply because of the fact that you will have the most exposure to every offer out there. Online stores also provide you with customer reviews, which can make all the difference in what your final decision may be.

Some air purifier brands include: Alen Breathesmart, Dyson Pure Cool, Hamilton Beach trueair, Honeywell true hepa allergen, Fellowes aeramax, Germguardian, Levoit lvh132, or many others. Purchase according to the purifier features that you feel will be the best purifier for your home. While writing this article, I have had my compact air purifier in my bedroom, with a night light, running in the background cleaning the air…and I did not even hear it.

Where Can I Get an Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are sold worldwide, all you have to do is look online, or go to a local home improvement store or department store. We recommend looking online so you can find the largest selection of machines, and also compare prices much easier. 

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